WU LYF disgruntled about their music being used for ‘sexist’ Toyota ad without their consent //

Mancunian epic indie peddlers WU LYF have taken to their `facebook page to point out that their 2010 single Heavy Pop has been used for a Toyota car commercial without their consent. “We too are interested to know why our music is featured in a sexist sports car advert that encourages men to live out their ‘inner chauvinist’. We have not consented to this, we have not earned a penny from this and on behalf of the band I am fucking angry about this”, the post says.

Toyota Motor Sales offshoot brand Scion has launched Scion AV fairly recently. The online platform promotes underground and alternative artists, offering free downloads of music by the likes of Moodymann, Harry Fraud, Todd Edwards and Melvins. However, if Toyota really have used WU LYF’s music without their permission and if you agree with the band’s concerns about the ad’s sentiment, then it arguably doesn’t put the brand in such a credible light. You can watch the clip in question below.



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