Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, 1983

Boom for Real: The Explosive Life and Legacy of Jean-Michel Basquiat

The new Barbican exhibition maps the mythology of the iconic New York artist, from his beginnings as “The Radiant Child” to his widespread legacy

Notes on the American Dream artwork by the man behind it

Rob Reynolds is the man behind LCD Soundsystem’s divisive new cover art. We caught up with him to find out more

Meet Raoul Martinez, author of the radical new book Creating Freedom

We talk to the young philosopher ahead of his talk The Downs Festival Bristol about letting go of freedom and being pals with Brian Eno

How Cities and Memory built a soundboard of global unrest

We talk to the creator of the collaborative sound project mapping protest sounds worldwide

Campbell Addy’s Niijournal II highlights mental health issues in ethnic communities

Campbell Addy dreams big. The South London photographer and publisher talks mental health, K-Pop and shooting Kelela for the sophomore edition of Niijournal

Experimental Problem Solving: Whities Art Director Alex McCullough Strips Away Excess

Ali Gitlow hears how the Whities art director maps the creative identity of the label of the moment

Introducing Javier Castán, the photographer behind Crack’s Omar Souleyman cover

We find out more about the Barcelona-based photographer and reveal unseen images from the Bilbao shoot

Trajal Harrell – Hoochie Koochie

Historical movement: a conversation with Trajal Harrell

Celebrated for works exploring voguing and postmodern dance, we speak to choreographer Trajal Harrell ahead of his exhibition at the Barbican Centre

Photographer Steph Wilson destabilises regressive beauty norms through image

Get to know the photographer behind Crack’s M.I.A. cover shoot

Mahtab Hussain’s tender portraits peel back the layers of British Asian masculinity

The photographer’s You Get Me? exhibition is a landmark in exploring young Asian identity in the UK, though it shouldn’t feel that way

Michael Mayren captures the political outlooks of the young men in his community

Through his agency Brother Models, Michael Mayren is trying to diversify fashion. Here, he speaks with the boys he represents ahead of the general election

XING subverts the stereotypes of East Asian female sexuality

Focusing the lens on East Asian female bodies, photographer Elizabeth Lee deconstructs the limits of western narratives with the aim of shifting perceptions

Open Interpretation: How Christine Sun Kim feels the sound

The deaf sound artist connects with Josie Thaddeus-Johns to unfold her understanding of sound as social norm, as social currency and as concept

Eight Talking Points from the Twin Peaks Season Premiere

You’re going to need more coffee

The untold story of Snoop Dogg’s nostalgic Neva Left cover

Legendary hip-hop photographer Chi Modu recounts the photoshoot that’s spurred high expectations for Snoop Dogg’s 15th solo album

Fatima Al Qadiri subverts the everyday norms of gender performativity

Perwana Nazif heads to KK Outlet to delve into Fatima Al Qadiri’s presentation of gender codes in everyday aspects of modern life

For Iraq and Syria: A collaborative poster project centred around human crisis

Profiling the poster exhibition orchestrated by London designer Yasseen Faik ahead of its launch at KK Outlet in June

Screenshots of a digital resistance at IAM Weekend 17

Across two days, IAM connected perspectives and incubated ideas probing the intersection of URL/IRL. Duncan Harrison glimpsed into the future

Pop Art: Tracing the Artistic Development of Gorillaz

Art and design journalist Emily Gosling explores the changing appearance of Gorillaz, revealing how the virtual band holds a mirror up to trends in design and campaign strategy

The Making of Sonos & Gorillaz’ Spirit Houses

Meeting the creative minds behind the instillations which toured the globe ahead of ‘Humanz’

How art director Mihailo Andic helped Lil Yachty realise the artwork for Teenage Emotions

The Atlanta rapper’s new album cover taps into the teenage experience with an inclusive slant – featuring girls with Vitiligo, gay men and more in a cinema

How Dutch photographer Lotte van Raalte captured the musical spirit of Cape Town for Appelsap

We talk to van Raalte, the photographer who captured the nuances and fashions of Cape Town’s youth for Appelsap’s ONE LOVE campaign

Beyond Big Brother: Are we paranoid enough about the reality of modern surveillance?

Reacting to the invasion of privacy encroaching on everyday life, CO Berlin’s Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography poses some crucial questions

On Museum of Internet, Félix Magal pulls art from the digital debris

We speak to the co-founder of Facebook’s unofficial home for off-kilter memes and amusing coincidences

London artist Jasmin Sehra blends hip-hop with Bollywood

Bex Shorunke meets the London-based visual artist reimagining hip-hop albums and artists as Bollywood movie posters