Wolfgang Tillmans adjusts his focus in search of truth

A recent defence of an EU-inclusive Britain has only deepened the allure of one of the most respected figures in photography. In a studio that has hosted countless iconic images, he speaks passionately with Augustin Macellari


Tyler Mitchell: Analogue Exposure

Tyler Mitchell is the 20-year-old photographer behind our June cover with RnB auteur Abra. Read our Q+A with the rising star now


Welcome to Planet Luke: home to the raw artwork of
Luca Lozano

Welcome to Planet Luke, where Klasse Recordings boss Luca Lozano creates intentionally crude artwork to match his labels’ gnarly sounds


Baroness is putting female deviants
back in control

Take a sideways look at sexuality with Baroness, an erotic magazine created with the female gaze firmly in mind


Illustrating heartbreak: the candid art of
Matt Dickson

By sharing the worst of his breakup via a series of stark portraits, Matt Dickson is shunning sheeny social media in favour of unapologetic authenticity


The apocalyptic anxiety of
Thomson & Craighead’s
Party Booby Trap

In the midst of Trump-fuelled anxiety, Thomson and Craighead’s dread-mapping exhibition feels highly potent. We explore the genesis of the gloom


Subverting stale, pale, male publishing with Orlando

We speak to Philomena Epps of ‘Orlando’, an ambitious culture zine aiming to provide something new to an already crowded publishing landscape


Public Image:
A conversation
with veteran
Dennis Morris

We caught up with Dennis Morris to talk PiL, his new ICA exhibition and modern malaise


Progressive Publishing:
Is This a Golden
Era for Female-Focused Zines?

Step into the world of Mushpit, Cuntry Living, Polyester and OOMK, where zine creators reclaim culture and identity from the grips of capitalism