Death of a Poet: Coming to Terms with Ren Hang’s Final Show

Rachel Sato-Banks surveys the Chinese photographer’s work, which has taken on a new poignancy after his untimely death in February

David Hockney – Life Painting for a Diploma © Yageo Foundation

Tate Britain’s landmark survey of queer British art is a hymn to resistance

Jake Hall speaks with Clare Barlow, the curator of Queer British Art 1861-1967

Photographer Vitali Gelwich is bringing high fashion imagery to underground sounds

We find out what sparks the imagination of the up-and-coming photographer behind our Helena Hauff cover – and exclusively reveal unseen images from the shoot

How Printed Goods created two bespoke pieces for World Water Day

The twin brothers from Bristol used Stella Artois and’s campaign as a starting point for two new creative pieces

COUM Transmissions are digging up the roots of their rebellion

Before Throbbing Gristle, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti were art degenerates in Hull. Here they retrace their early steps

Meet The Feminist Artists Behind The Ugly Girls Club

Georgina Jones meets the creative collective and underwear subscription service reclaiming ‘ugly’ for women and femmes everywhere

Perspective: The Real Potential of Our Digital Dreaming

Internet Age Media’s Andrés Colmenares argues that the internet can be used to redistribute power – if we harness the potential of imagined utopias

Photographer Stella Asia Consonni follows Nothing on their US tour

Check out a selection of 35mm shots from the London photographer’s upcoming photo-book, To Anyone Who’s Ever Lost Someone To The Side Of The Road

Films of the Year 2016

10 of our favourite cinema releases from the last 12 months

The Virtual Darkness of Lawrence Lek‘s Imagined Future

When I join Lawrence Lek at his studio in Hackney Wick, I feel welcomed into…

Carmel Koster discusses Shrine ahead of its debut at Illuminations festival

Carmel Koster is very busy. She’s a choreographer who draws from a flourishing diversity of…

Nicolas and Alfredo Jaar‘s intuitive alliance

The organising principle behind Nicolas Jaar’s work is to fight against logic, and the logics…

Take a look inside Ladybeard‘s new Mind issue

Ladybeard have just launched their Mind issue. Inside they encourage open ended discussion on mental health. Georgina Jones meets the team to find out more

Stay Cool:
Calm & Collected

The duo behind art and design practice Calm & Collected shun the furious scrolling of internet trends to embrace the IRL pleasures of their Peckham base

Making shapes with Björk and VR

Ruby Lott-Lavigna explores Björk’s continuing relationship with virtual reality and cutting-edge technology

Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang threads together the symbolism of dreams

Throughout the abstract visions and characters he creates, the LA filmmaker mines the reality-distorting potential of the dream state

Made You Look: Ekow Eshun explores the history of the black dandy

Radically stylish, magnificently subversive and timelessly provocative – the Made You Look photography exhibition explores the many incarnations of black dandyism

Reconsidering punk: how women are rewriting punk’s timeline

Female revolutionaries have long been excluded from the mainstream punk dialogue. How can we reconsider history and set the story straight?

Recent Arts:
Sound and Vision

Ahead of their stellar shows at Berlin Atonal, we catch up with artist duo Recent Arts to find out why they’re casting their inspirations skywards this year

NON Worldwide 
give power to
marginalised voices

The cross-discipline collective share fearless statements of resistance and revolution with Niloufar Haidari

Wolfgang Tillmans adjusts his focus in search of truth

A recent defence of an EU-inclusive Britain has only deepened the allure of one of the most respected figures in photography. In a studio that has hosted countless iconic images, he speaks passionately with Augustin Macellari

Tyler Mitchell: Analogue Exposure

Tyler Mitchell is the 20-year-old photographer behind our June cover with RnB auteur Abra. Read our Q+A with the rising star now

Welcome to Planet Luke: home to the raw artwork of
Luca Lozano

Welcome to Planet Luke, where Klasse Recordings boss Luca Lozano creates intentionally crude artwork to match his labels’ gnarly sounds

Baroness is putting female deviants
back in control

Take a sideways look at sexuality with Baroness, an erotic magazine created with the female gaze firmly in mind

Illustrating heartbreak: the candid art of
Matt Dickson

By sharing the worst of his breakup via a series of stark portraits, Matt Dickson is shunning sheeny social media in favour of unapologetic authenticity

The apocalyptic anxiety of
Thomson & Craighead’s
Party Booby Trap

In the midst of Trump-fuelled anxiety, Thomson and Craighead’s dread-mapping exhibition feels highly potent. We explore the genesis of the gloom

Subverting stale, pale, male publishing with Orlando

We speak to Philomena Epps of ‘Orlando’, an ambitious culture zine aiming to provide something new to an already crowded publishing landscape