Meet Buddy, the Compton singer-rapper making feel-good music for sunnier climes

Davy Reed meets the prodigious talent as he gears up to release his debut album, and finds him in a positive frame of mind

Aesthetic: Porches

The synthpop dreamer is the subject of this month’s extended Aesthetic editorial

Simple Things 2017: Wild Beasts

After over a decade, the four-piece indie outfit are disbanding. On the Crack stage at Simple Things, they delivered one of their final farewell shows

© Maarten Nauw

Fiber and The Rest Is Noise explore the intersection of audio and visuals

The one-day event hosted a wide spectrum of audiovisual shows, displaying the versatility of the format. Jack Dolan reviews its sophomore edition

Selections: Rina Sawayama

The rising Japanese pop star lets us in on the tracks that shaped her mini album, RINA

20 Questions: Yung Lean

Haunted hotels, acid trips and meatball recipes with the Swedish rapper

© Theo Cottle

Vic Mensa: Like a Rolling Stone

We caught up with the Chicago rapper in an East London studio to talk demons, fear and the intrinsic ties between love and freedom

Listen to an upbeat, soul-infused party mix from Nabihah Iqbal

“I just wanted to make this fun”

© Alex De Mora

Penny Rimbaud: Freedom Fighting

Famous for co-founding the seminal punk band Crass, Penny Rimbaud now counters rage with serenity. Davy Reed spends a day with an icon

© Mydriasis

Irwin Barbé captures the sensory experiences of raving in new book Mydriasis

The collaborative book freeze-frames the indescribable feeling of being deep in the dance – we speak to its editor


The Don’t Be Afraid label head turns in a rich tapestry of beatless, textural pieces and rolling techno

CupcakKe – Ephorize

The pussy jokes come thick and fast on the Chicago native’s third LP, but there’s progressive politics to back it up

Read an exclusive extract from Rave On, a new book telling the story of global club culture

‘Rave On: Global Adventures in Electronic Dance Music’ is the new work by journalist Matthew Collin, author of ‘Altered State’

Ambitious in programme and ethos, Comunité sets itself apart from Tulum’s mainstream party scene

Mexico City club kids and European travellers congregate in the Yucantan Peninsula for the boutique festival’s busiest edition yet

NVPR – 3333

Factory Floor’s Nik Void and Editions Mego label head Peter Rehberg deliver a discombobulation creation