AudioPremieres / / 11.11.14

Christian Vogel

Techno/experimental composer Cristian Vogel’s technologically focused, scientific approach to production has earned him worldwide acclaim. Vogel is renowned for his dark, alluring, individualistic shades of techno, IDM and experimental, yet he holds no strict ties to any genre in particular.

With an extensive discography dating back to 1993, his unique approach to composition and the sheer spirit of his music has secured him a cult following among electronic music circles. Born in Chile and raised in Brighton, Vogel is now settled in Berlin, and is preparing to release his latest LP Polyphonic Beings.

The follow up to his 2013 album Eselbrücke, Vogel’s Polyphonic Beings is inspired by a 1972 lecture by renowned German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen titled ‘Four Criteria Of Electronic Music.’ “When we hear music, we are modified on levels we are not able to perceive—he [Stockhausen] refers to the ‘atomic layers of ourselves,'” Vogel explains. “It struck me that if indeed we are embodying music so deeply into ourselves, then surely we begin to resemble that music. In some sense, we become what we hear. It is with this idea that Eselsbrücke, my previous album, came to a close and now Polyphonic Beings begins.”

With dark twists and turns growing more unexpected from track to track, Polyphonic Beings is another mind-bending insight into the outer limits of electronic music. Polyphonic Beings is due out via Shitkatapult on 14 November. Listen to the album in full below.