030 – Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont’s Crackcast takes us into wild electronic territory with full-fat flavours. Featuring a selection of bass driven house and warped electronica to more straight up flavours, the mix is heady and fast-paced, offering the listener very little in the way of let-up. An artist that has straddled the more maximal end of the house spectrum, this mix sees a welcome return for the Duke whose sets at Bugged Out! were a thing of legend back in the day. Always a keen producer too the mix features the excellent No Money Blues and The Giver from his own locker.




Tom Trago - What You Do (Kink Mix)

Dusky - Numerical

Duke Dumont - The Giver

Bicep & Omar Odyssey - Don’t

Safeword - My Love

Urulu - Reason With Me

Trevino - Tweakonomics

Geeeman - Fire Extinguisher

Murphy Jax - Acid Rapper

The House Master Boyz - House Nation

Duke Dumont - No Money Blues


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