January 2016 Playlist

20 new tracks we’ve rounded up for you

December 2015 Playlist: EOTY Special

Our latest playlist is compiled entirely from our top 100 albums and our 50 favourite tracks of 2015

November 2015 Playlist

20 new tracks we want you to hear

October 2015 Playlist

Choosing the right music at any social gathering can be nerve-wracking. As your quivering hands…

September 2015 Playlist

Heard the new Libertines new album? Does it give you a bittersweet pang of nostalgia for the good old days? Or do you just think it’s a massive crock of shit?

August 2015 Playlist

G-funk is in the air. Dre just casually dropped his first album in 16 years,…

July 2015 Playlist

Compiled on the hottest July day in the UK since the records began

June 2015 Playlist: Field Day Special

This month we’ve dedicated our playlist to one of our favourite weekends of the year….

May Playlist

At first, this playlist feels like a dreamy summer soundtrack. With woozy, laid-back material from the…

Seth Troxler’s Acid Future Playlist

Seth Troxler’s Acid Future party looks set to be one of the biggest raves of…

April Playlist

Once again, we’ve compiled new 20 tunes we think you’re going to love, and there’s…

March Playlist

Greetings Crack readers. The March Playlist marks the first we’ve dropped since the launch of…

February Playlist

We’re back with our first playlist of 2015, and this time we’ve rounded up 20…

December Playlist

A round up of our favourite songs from December 2014

November Playlist

Seeing as it’s very nearly the season to be jolly and all that, we decided…