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Digital Platform Manager

Crack Magazine is hiring a full-time Digital Platform Manager to join the expanding online team in our Bristol office. The position will see the successful applicant oversee all aspects of Crack Magazine’s online content and digital strategy moving forward. is the online arm of the physical edition of our magazine. We are looking to invest a great deal into our online presence in the final quarter of 2016 and into 2017, and this role will be integral to this drive. The role will involve developing new working practices but also improving existing ones we have in place.

We hope the successful candidate will be able to understand trends in order to best deploy the content across the website and social networking platforms in order to encourage growth. This will involve maximising our web and social media presence as well as devising and implementing social media campaigns.

The successful candidate will have some experience within the industry and ideally a strong contacts book. They will have strong knowledge of WordPress, be very aware of our brand values, content and direction of both Crack Magazine and as well as our immediate competitors.

Job Role: Digital Platform Manager


  • Developing strategy to direct traffic to
  • Managing and ensuring growth of all social network platforms
  • Managing the quality of online content, this includes accuracy and sensitivity of content
  • Sub-editing certain online content
  • Checking for website errors, fixing them and/or reporting them to our web developer
  • Offering direction to other employees in order to generate growth
  • Opportunities to write content for if desired


  • Up to date knowledge of all relevant social media platforms
  • Able to copy check with great accuracy
  • Familiar knowledge of, Crack Magazine and all competitors
  • Good knowledge of the music and art covered in Crack Magazine
  • Experience of working with WordPress
  • Ability to use web analytics tools such as Chartbeat, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights
  • Ability to handle constant pressure to deliver web results
  • Strong writing skills and ability to adapt writing for different purposes and platforms
  • Driving Licence preferable

Apply by sending a CV, covering letter and an answer (250 words maximum) to this question: If you could improve one thing across Crack Magazine’s online platforms, what would it be and why?

E-mail applications to

The deadline for applications is midnight 25 September. If you haven’t heard from us within by Friday 14 October then we will not require an interview, but we’d like to thank you for applying.