How pianist Matthew Bourne translates Trim’s grime into piano music

Bourne and legendary MC Trim will team up for Nils Frahm’s Piano Day on 29 March

IDLES: Brutal, Honest Truth

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Yours Sincerely, Future Islands

Despite Future Islands’ overdue commercial success, Francis Blagburn finds a band committed to fighting for the hearts and minds of their fans

J Hus © Cian Oba-Smith

New London Sound: J Hus interviewed

With his music pulsing through Addison Lee aux cables, J Hus is part of a wave of UK artists rewriting London’s soundtrack

Dirty Projectors Interview

Clarity and Complexity: An interview with Dirty Projectors’ David Longstreth

With Dirty Projectors now an army of one, David Longstreth talks frankly about his split with Amber Coffman and why he champions hope above hopelessness

We spoke to Jenny Francis, the iconic radio DJ featured on Stormzy’s album

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Architecture of Sound: Wilted Woman at Silver Road

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The Beat Goes On: Remembering Clyde Stubblefield

The rhythms that drummer Clyde Stubblefield laid down with James Brown would alter the path of modern music forever. Nick Boyd celebrates the man who helped the world find its funk.

Seismic Sounds from Helena Hauff, Ben Klock and more at Sonar Reykjavik 2017

Hold on to your foundations, Helena Hauff, Vatican Shadow and Ben Klock, Sonar Reykjavik bring some monolithic sounds to Iceland’s capital