NEW MOON (Sacred Bones)


We’ve celebrated The Men as one of the best garage punk bands on the planet since they arrived in our lives a couple of years ago and the Brooklyn outfit’s fourth LP contains some of their best moments yet. While the band had hinted previously that they were a little bit country – having a song called Country Song on their second album was probably the biggest hint of all – we now have confirmation. New Moon’s opening track Open the Door represents the biggest step away from the urgent, thrashing guitars and feedback that initially helped bring this band to our attention. Instead, we find a piano that sounds like it’s being gently tinkered with in some Deep South saloon and the only guitars you can hear are either acoustic or lap-steel. But New Moon is a varied record too, and it’s clear that The Men are not going soft any time soon. The Brass slams with trademark duelling guitars, while psychedelic album closer Supermoon is one of the most exciting moments they’ve produced to date. Appreciated it’s only March, but New Moon has made an early bid for 2013’s best guitar records shortlist.


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Words: Jack Bolter

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