17 year old Chicago rap star Chief Keef faces jail for probation violation

17 year old Chicago based Drill rapper Chief Keef was taken into custody yesterday for violating the terms of his 18 month probation which banned him from using fire arms, drugs or associating with gang members. After a two hour long hearing in Chicago’s Cook County juvenile court on tuesday, Judge Carl Anthony Walker said that Keef had shown a “wilful disregard of the court” by using a rifle at a New York gun range for a promotional video used by music website Pitchfork. Keef was reportedly sentenced to the probation in January 2012 for pointing a firearm at a police officer. Although Keef is a minor under US law, he faces a prison term and will be sentenced tomorrow.

The footage which was counted as evidence by the court was published online as an episode of Pitchfork’s ‘Selector’ series. The video shows Keef firing a rifle at a shooting range, then being interviewed and attempting to perform a freestyle. Pitchfork removed the clip from the site and issued an apology for its “insensitive and irresponsible” nature due to Chicago’s skyrocketing gun crime rate and the revelations of the murder of 18 year old Chicago rapper Lil Jojo last September. Lil Jojo (real name Joseph Coleman) reportedly had a feud with the Lamron faction of the Black Disciples street gang, and police have been investigating any possible link between Keef and Coleman’s death (via The Chicago Tribune).

Keef’s attorney Dennis Berkson has admitted that he believes the gun range video was “stupid”, but argues that Keef was obeying the instructions of the adults around him.

Chief Keef is said to be from one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Southside Chicago. He began releasing low budget music videos to accompany his raw brand of trap-related ‘drill’ rap  in 2011 and became an internet sensation while on house arrest and his grandmother’s house last year. Following the hype which generated from the success of the video for I Don’t Like, Keef signed to Insterscope records and signed a deal to launch his own brand of headphones. His first official album Finally Rich was released last month. It sold around 100, 000 copies and reached number 2 in the US rap charts. Watch the NSFW video for I Don’t Like below.