Independent Swansea venue Mozarts granted new premises licence

Swansea’s best loved independent music venue Mozarts has been granted a new licence after its future was put into doubt by a series of complaints from local residents. The former hotel, located in the Uplands region, has become a hugely cherished cultural hotbed. 

As part of their case, which was heard this morning at Swansea Civic Centre and attended by many of the venue’s patrons, Mozarts asked for letters of support to be sent to landlady  Wendy Lolla. After receiving a huge response, Uplands councillor John Bayliss also gave testimony that “I have not had a single complaint about Mozarts since I was elected”. The venue was subsequently granted an amended licence which allows alcohol to be sold until 2am on Saturday and Sunday, rather than the previous 4am, although this will be contested.

Via a Facebook message, Wendy Lolla announced “We are so happy to announce that Swansea Council have approved our application for a new premises licence. Your support has been incredible and has helped us so much! We can now continue to help support the arts, music, literature, culture and provide a safe place to socialise in the local community.”

Head to Mozarts on December 4th for a show from Crack-approved Transatlantic grunge-punks Pale Angels.