Mac DeMarco Lifts The Lid on Tyler, The Creator Collaboration

A few weeks back photos of Mac DeMarco and Tyler, The Creator hanging about in front of a green screen surfaced on the internet. The speculation was immense and music fans around the world were left waiting for more. Alas, neither artist had anything to say at the time. Yesterday, Mac DeMarco shed light on the project while speaking to Canadian musician and journalist Vish Khanna on a recent episode of his Kreative Kontrol podcast series.

“It was a very brief collaboration, not really anything that will show up on any kind of album or anything. A little bit of movie shooting – the guy does have a TV show after all. It’s just going to be a short thing but probably extremely offensive so we’ll see how that turns out.” He said.

Apparently the pair have been tweeting at each other, and DeMarco went on to comment about how they got to know each other: “I’d already sent him pictures of my naked penis and stuff so I figured that meeting in the flesh was right around the corner.”