Oh, Boy – God Look After The Quiet Kid

We yearn for the days when Rivers Cuomo still knew how to write songs, when Blink-182 were still wasting time and a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt meant you were basically the coolest kid in town. We’re not in the habit of predicting trends so we’re not sure about the T-Shirts but we do know that pop punk has seen a meteoric rise over the last couple of years and with new bands cropping up ever other day it’s hard to gauge which ones are worth keeping an eye on and which ones will inevitably end up laying at the wayside.

Enter OhBoy, a bunch of energetic midlanders with a penchant for a melody and a new video that’s charming enough to leave you wondering whether you should go and dig out that old long sleeve from the attic. (Hint: you probably shouldn’t). Check out Good Look After The Quiet Kid below and if you wanna catch them live head down The Old Blue Last on 21 October where they will be playing with Dumb.