Photo emerges of Jai Paul in the studio with Miguel

RnB star Miguel posted an image of himself with reclusive artist Jai Paul in a recording studio last night (13 November) on his Instagram account

Jai Paul’s brother, who has been releasing music as A.K. Paul this year, is also in the photograph. You can see it below.

Jai Paul released his first track BTSTU in 2011, which was then sampled by Drake and Beyonce. Jasmine (Demo) was released the following year, and reached the #1 spot in Crack’s ‘Top Tracks of 2012’ list. Last year, an unpolished compilation of 15 Jai Paul tracks was released on Bandcamp. Confusion surrounded the release, as a twitter account claiming to be Paul’s urged fans not to buy the release and a journalist claimed that the tracks were leaked from a stolen laptop. The blog Crack In The Road claimed to have proved that the Bandcamp page was linked to Jai Paul’s email address.

Earlier this year, XL Recordings’ in-house producer Rodaidh McDonald told Dazed that he’d been in the studio working on a track with Jai Paul. “Whether he wants to put it out or not I don’t know. It’s just a very long process for him I guess, he’s been working on [his album] for years,” he said.


the primo’s AK Paul & Jai Paul

Een foto die is geplaatst door Miguel (@miguelunlimited) on

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