Aphex Twin launches mysterious month-long countdown

Richard D. James isn’t done yet

Aphex Twin has launched a mysterious countdown online today (5 June). The countdown appears as part of Warp Records and you can check it out here. Currently, there’s 31 days left – but what this leads to is currently unknown.

On Soundcloud, the producer said in a statement, “were going to put the field day video back up with multiple audio sources, mics, desk mix, my booth etc, with sliders so you can make your own mix hopefully even put user sliders for delay as well to time correct it to your liking, fingers crossed gunna try and do it before i go to porto, not sleeping to get it all done, got to do some repairs to the modular as well, thanks all, see you ont’ tuther side.” He’s set to headline Portugal’s NOS Primavera Sound, which takes place at Parque da Cidade on 8-10 June.

Last weekend, the producer closed Field Day’s 2017 edition at The Barn with a highly anticipated set. NTS Radio live streamed the performance, and Warp Records surprise dropped a new Aphex Twin record – entitled London 03.06.17 which quickly sold out. Since, fans have been trying to piece together James’ tracklist at the Victoria Park blowout, resulting in a Spotify playlist that you can listen to here.