Scuba responds to backlash after tweeting eugenics theory

The artist will be releasing music based on a dystopian scenario

Over the weekend (2 September), Scuba posted a series of tweets imagining a scenario where “everyone on the planet takes a test simultaneously” and a localised self-destructing device is “activated for the lowest 50% of performing papers”. The artist has received backlash for his comments on Twitter.

Scuba’s team have since responded, claiming that the artist is set to release a series of EPs exploring various dystopian scenarios. In a statement provided to Crack, the team said that Scuba was tweeting “in a future context where AI controls the world”.

In an online post published today (5 September), Scuba stated: “Like a lot of people I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about the paths we could be headed down over the next few decades, a lot of which seem to point to dystopian scenarios in society and the environment. I’ve also made some music inspired by those sorts of fears, some of which is coming out on Hotflush next month – watch this space.”

See his announcement below.