Listen to a twisted new EP from Helena Hauff’s Return to Disorder label

December by © Camille Blake

December’s 64 Ways to Rob a Friend is the latest music to come from Helena Hauff’s imprint

Parisian producer Tomas More makes moody, primitivist techno, finding much in common with imprints like Blackest Ever Black and Silent Servent’s Jealous God imprint – two early supporters of his sound. But while 2014’s In Advance of the Broken Arm/Collapse and 2016’s Exponential Growth were stripped-back, purely instrumental club gear, his latest EP for Helena Hauff’s Return to Disorder label – available to stream now exclusively on Crack Magazine – sees the producer push into new territory and use his voice for the first time.

“It’s an EP focusing on the use of my voice,” December told Crack Magazine over email. “I made them after deciding – after being too shy to do it – to use a microphone and sing during my live set.”

“Once I tried, I’ve been hooked and now I almost have to restrain myself not to “sing” (or shout to be more precise) during the whole set.”

The result heightens the EBM influence implicit in his music, or else recalls the DIY proto-synth pop pioneered by European cold wave bands. Indeed, the raw quality comes from the on-the-fly method of recording. A Place to Stay‘s vocals, for example, is a live recording of December’s vocals at Atonal. “This EP really marks my evolution towards a more song-oriented music,” explains December. “Don’t get me wrong, twisted/weird/punk-ish songs, it’s still a pretty fucked up music.”

You can stream the release below, exclusively via Crack Magazine.

64 Ways to Rob a Friend is out now on Return to Disorder. You can buy it here.

December is a member of SHAPE platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the EU