Stream the new album from Croatian Amor featuring collaborations from Yves Tumor and Puce Mary

Croatian Amor Isa

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Loke Rahbek has been an integral figure in Copenhagen’s underground for a decade. In 2009 he co-founded Posh Isolation with Christian Stadsgaard, the underground label which gave rise to a new generation of Danish guitar bands, including his own band Sexdrome and scene stars Iceage. But there was always more to Posh Isolation – and Rahbek himself – than snotty punks with stick-and-poke tattoos. The label offered a platform to abstract, electronic music, the outer reaches of noise coming out of the city, while Rahbek gave free rein to his own divergent tastes via numerous bands and collaborations that ran from the synth pop of Lust for Youth and Var to the noisy abstractions created alongside Puce Mary, or as Damien Dubrovnik with Christian Stadsgaard.

However, it’s as Croatian Amor that Rahbek has discovered his most explorative, abstract tendencies. Isa, the latest full-length released under that name sees Rahbek recruiting a number of collaborators and Crack Magazine favourites to augment his vision. These include fellow Copenhagen noisemaker – and longtime collaborator – Puce Mary, Yves Tumor and Jonnine Standish of HTRK. The tone has shifted too – tempering the brittle romanticism of previous LP Love Means Taking Action with a kind of digital claustrophobia, where drifting pads are littered with jammed transmissions and synthetic voices. The result is a record that digs deep into the most tactile and uncanny corners of experimental and ambient music.

We’re excited to host the full stream of Isa ahead of its release on 25 January via Posh Isolation. You can listen via the embed above.

Croatian Amor plays CTM Berlin on 29 January.