Björk orchestrates the hearts of her awe-struck audience

There are risks in performing particularly tender or minimal music to thousands of people on…

School of Björk

Björk’s legacy can be felt in some way across all aspects of our cultural lives….

Extreme Sorcerer: The anarcho-punk beginnings of Björk

Tom Watson revisits the projects and releases of Björk formative years

The thrill of Björk’s DJ sets

Francis Blagburn celebrates the eclectic selections of Björk the DJ

Becoming Björk

Gunseli Yalcinkaya unpacks eight songs which mark pivotal stages of Björk’s artistic development

Long Reads / 06.09.16

Mutual Core:
Björk’s Fearless Environmental Activism

Adam Corner reflects on Björk’s unparalleled efforts to engage with climate change

Making shapes with Björk and VR

Ruby Lott-Lavigna explores Björk’s continuing relationship with virtual reality and cutting-edge technology

Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang threads together the symbolism of dreams

Throughout the abstract visions and characters he creates, the LA filmmaker mines the reality-distorting potential of the dream state