DJ Python
07 10

DJ Python Mas Amable Incienso


Brian Piñeyro goes by many different monikers. As DJ Xanax and Luis he specialises in dreamy breakbeats. As DJ Wey he releases hazy house music. As DJ Python, arguably his most popular alias, he takes reggaeton’s fundamental dembow rhythm and shoots it through a lo-fi prism. Spacious and stripped back, with heavy percussion, it’s hypnotic and meditative music, although that’s not to say it doesn’t have weight to it. Over the course of Mas Amable, the second album under this name, there are plenty of moments that might have you hazily drifting out of your chair and onto a makeshift dancefloor. Maybe it will be the scrape of the güiro, first introduced on Alejandro, that grabs you. Or perhaps the discordant, uneasy melody of mmmm.

Whilst Mas Amable is divided into separate songs, it also comes as a single track, and is designed to be consumed as a whole. In many ways it has more in common with a live set; melodies and beats bleed in between tracks, and some disappear only to pop up again later. Its subtle basslines, like the ones on Descanse and Juntos work well in isolation, but the delayed gratification offered from their position on the record elevates them massively. When they hit, you may find yourself letting out sharp breaths and whoops. They sit in a beautiful parallel to the more cerebral parts of Mas Amable; a considered, well-structured listen, as effective at winding you up as winding you down.