Michael Mayren’s photo project-cum-agency Brother Models aims to diversify and expand the face of fashion through a roster of young men from unique backgrounds, with charisma and character of their own.

Ahead of tomorrow’s UK general election (8 June), Mayren reached out to some of the young men on his roster to speak with them about voting and their relationship with politics in general. All photos are shot by James Starkey.

Mayren framed the exchanges around six questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Are you voting tomorrow?

3. Have you ever voted before?

4. If not, why do you feel it is more important to vote this year?

5. Who are you voting for?

6. Why is it important for young people to go out and vote tomorrow?

Read a selection of responses below and find out more about Brother Models here.


1. 18
2. Yes
3. No
4. It’s the first time that I’m able to.
5. Labour
6. Because it’s young people’s futures that are affected by the results of the election.


1. 18
2. Yes
3. No
4. I’ve not been eligible.
5. Uncertain
6. It’s important for everyone to go out and vote because it’s a choice that can impact your future. Why would you waste it?


1. 19
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Labour
5. It’s important for everyone to go out and vote tomorrow because every vote counts, the result of the election could affect your future and how the country is run.


1. 21
2. Yes
3. Yes
5. Labour
6. Because we are the future of this world.


1. 21
2. Yes, I’m voting tomorrow.
3. Yeah, I voted in the 2015 election, my first one made me feel like I was making a big change into adulthood.
5. Labour as always, gotta love Jezza, power to the people and all that.
6. It is very important to vote because this election is crucial to everybody’s future. Everyone has their different opinions on politics but it’s good to know in your own mind that you contributed to help changing what’s to come.


1. I’m 21.
2. Yeah
3. No, this is my first time voting.
4. I feel like it is important because you should be able to have an opinion on who you want to have in charge, especially with the things that are happening at the moment.
5. I’m voting for Labour.
6. It’s important because everyone has a chance to make a change, and young people need to feel like they can be part of that.


I am 23, I will be voting tomorrow for the first time – this is the first year I have been registered to vote at the address I’m living at. I’m not too sure if this year is more important than any other year but after recent events in Manchester and London I feel it is important for the younger generation to definitely vote and to not take the attitude of “one vote doesn’t matter.” I know I have personally done that in the past, it is our future and more of the younger generation should be interested/care about having a say about our future, instead of leaving it to the older generations who seem to be stuck in their old ways.

I will be voting for Labour.


I’m 23. I’m voting for Labour.

Brexit was the first time I saw my future being affected by politics and voting directly. Now we have to vote for who can lead us through that transition. We can no longer run a country like a business. Seeing Jeremy Corbyn express his visions for the first time I can see a genuine politician who has been brave enough to want to tax the rich more. I’ve seen my friends have to pay tuition fees and go through all the headache of finance whilst they should be learning.

I’m having to do backflips and jump through hoops to get my passport and I was born here. Immigration laws need to be revised to protect our citizens and so we can identify the people who’ve boosted our dynamic culture. My parents have been here longer than I have lived and have contributed hugely to this nation I love. I’m glad to see that Labour are holding up basic human values which have been overlooked and undermined for a long time.


1. 18 years young.
2. Yeah I am.
3. No, never been able to vote before.
4. It’s important this year because it’s the first time that I can vote – I can’t let it go to waste.
5. Labour, so Jeremy Corbyn.
6. To quote Dave’s Fire in the Booth:

“Out of 63 million, blacks only make three percent
And we have no say, when you think, ’cause you refuse to vote
Like Conservative policies ain’t been a problem for the yutes on road”


1. 21

2. Yes

3. I voted in the 2015 general election and in the Brexit referendum.

4. This year marks the first time that voters have had a real choice about how the UK economy is going to look going forward. Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour are offering a significantly better deal for the UK than either they or the Conservatives have for several elections. This election will single-handedly decide the fate of the NHS and public services due to the drastically different outlook that each party has on public spending. Labour’s manifesto talks of investing in our infrastructure, our education and health services, and making sure we care for those who cannot work. The Conservatives talk of more public expenditure cuts. This election really is pivotal when you can see that our public services are already failing.

5. Even though I have voted Green in the past, I believe this time around it’s a much better option to vote Labour.

6. Students have a significant amount to gain from this election by voting Labour due to their policy on wanting to scrap university tuition fees from September. Anybody still in university, about to go to university, or those who have recently graduated should seriously go out and vote. With regards to student debt, it’s a simple toss up between the Labour Party’s attempt to completely get rid of fees and student debt, and the Conservatives who have seen student fees increase from £3,000 to £9,250 per year. Aside from the problem of student debt, young people should realise that free healthcare and a relatively good standard of primary and secondary education are things that can be taken away from them if the Conservatives are allowed to continue to drain the public pocket. Young people would whole-heartedly benefit the most from Jeremy Corbyn’s government.


1. 18
2. Yes
3. This is my first time voting tomorrow
4. I feel that you can only complain and moan about the government if you have actually voted yourself.
5. I’m voting for the Conservatives
6. I think young people need to go out and vote in order to show older generations that us younger people do care about our future.


1. 20
2. Yes I am.
3. Yes I have.
5. Labour
6. Because the decisions they make will affect their future and the other generations to come.


1. 19
2. Yes
3. I could vote in the referendum but I’ve not voted in a general election yet.
4. It’s important to have your voice counted.
5. Labour
6. It’s important for young people to vote because we should understand how our country is run.


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