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Internet Songs of The Week

Another week, another internet songs of the week.

It’s Friday. Go outside and embrace that glorious heat emanating from above you before it’s too late. Don your shades, slap a cap on and don’t forget the suncream. Step outside and… Oh wait… What’s that? More rain?

Well surprise, surprise.

Better stay inside and listen to our staff picked selection of fairly decent, mildly unbelievable and quite good musical creations from the last week of internet.

Popcaan - Way Up

Uptempo International Records

Way Up, Popcaan’s latest track, is shakin’ off the mantle. Nothing but pure back to back Summer vibes straight from the island. Bassline on that earthquake flex, treble spikes through the ceiling.

I love Poppy’s voice and if he keeps bringing these fine flows then his long-awaited new album is going to be better than an afternoon spent on a quad bike doing donuts on a beach.

Way Up is a promising look into the potentially brilliant things to come.

Billy Black

Hidden Spheres - Be a Man

Lobster Theremin

It’s hot outside. My fridge is broken. I’ve lost about 500 grams of kale and the ability to gently rip my bare skin from this leather headrest. My laptop griddled kneecaps are slowly turning a hew of purple as I wait until the latest pirated stream of True Detective is available. Thankfully, Lobster Theremin released Hidden Sphere’s Be A Man, a honey glazed spritzer of organic ataraxia. Fuck the kale, I’m going swimming.

Tom Watson

Sharon Van Etten - Words

Sharon Van Etten - Words (Jagjaguwar)

She keeps on throwing out stunners. Having released the between-album spurt of I Don’t Want To Let You Down last month as well as a wonderful Karen Dalton cover, Remember Mountains the other day, SVE’s dropped another new track this week, taken from the upcoming Netflix doc Tig, which captures a turbulent year in the life of acclaimed US stand-up Tig Notaro.

There may be a couple of programmed blips at the track’s opening, but make no mistake; this is business as usual – heart-on-sleeve, straight-to-the-gut emoting and pining melody from one of the best songwriters on the planet right now. “Emotion … emotionally dead / It’s words, just words.” God, she’s good. Check out our recent interview here if you want. No pressure.

Geraint Davies

Rustie - Big Catzz


Press play and close your eyes. You’re stood on the edge of a cliff at sunset. You’re wearing an all-white outfit with wrap around sunglasses. As you gradually raise your arms towards a christ-like pose, you feel the soothing caress of the oceanic breeze. And when the drop arrives at 1.16, you gloriously swan-dive into the clear blue water, before re-emerging with a newfound love for the post-ironic appropriation of trance music.

Davy Reed

Wavves - Way Too Much

Wavves are back?

Well aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

Dag Hennessy

Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money (Korn Remix)


I just … but … I … I just … but … cause, I … and like … I mean, wha…

Sorry, what?

Rachel Mann