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M1llionz speaks like he raps.

His voice is calm and soft; perhaps a little lower than his rap one. A Brummie lilt, indebted to a West Midlands upbringing, adds melody to his answers, which he approaches with a cautious thoughtfulness. It’s this voice that has set him apart as he has risen through the ranks of drill and the wider music industry at large, levelling up from a booking at journalist and former Gasworks host Alhan Gençay’s 21st birthday party in March last year – his first live performance, according to Alhan – onto the UK charts, radio airwaves and Drake’s IG feed.

M1llionz (just M1llionz, no real names here) landed with a crash, bang, Lagga less than two years ago. It was then that he dropped North West, an ode to his early years in north west Birmingham that was written in prison and released in late 2019, after some coaxing from those around him. A steady stream of increasingly essential singles followed, including the UKG-loaded B1llionz, the boisterous Lagga and Y PREE. “I think it’s when Y PREE dropped [that] I realised…” he ponders out loud, weighing up which moment in particular – if any – sparked a decision to start pursuing music more seriously. “I think that’s when it fully changed and I thought, ‘Yeah, this is mad.’”