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London based photographer Stella Asia Consonni spent two weeks on the road with Nothing, the Philadelphia noise-rock band who dropped their second studio album, Tired of Tomorrow, last year on Relapse records.

77 of the images she captured – all shot on 35mm film – have now become the basis for To Anyone Who’s Ever Lost Someone To The Side Of The Road, a 148 x 210 mm softback book which features texts by Matthew Whitehouse and original poetry by Nothing frontman Domenic Palermo.

To learn a little more about the project, we spoke to Stella briefly via email. Check out a selection of exclusive shots on the gallery below then read our conversation with Stella about the book.

Tell us a little bit about how these photos came about…

I shot Nothing in London for a publication and they invited me to their gig at the Moth Club the following day. Their live show was so good that it made me think that I wanted to do more than just a mag feature with them. They had a tour planned for the summer across North America so we organised for me to go come along and document it.

Almost every evening they were playing in a different state, which meant long night drives after the gigs. It also meant that we all passed out in the back of the crew van while one of them would stay up driving, still drenched in sweat from the gig, waking up to blazing sunrises, hungry for a breakfast of potato tacos.

I decided to shoot on film because I didn’t want the images to be viewed instantaneously by the guys, for the same reason that in the first days I barely picked up the camera. I wanted them to get used to me being around so that I could catch them off guard and have a portrait of their personalities as close as possible to the truth.

What was the craziest thing that happened on the road?

Many crazy things happened…I can’t really tell you though as I might get the authorities knocking at my door, but I definitely have great memories.

Tell us a little bit about the title for the book…

It’s the title that Dominic, band singer and author of the poetry in the book, gave to one of his pieces.

To anyone who’s ever
lost someone
to the side of the road

How many misty miles
fit in between
the chapped lips of lost loves
boisterous and free
clinging to the bellowing pink
steam that flows through the
that make up everything
we dare to stand on.
To walk on.
To run on.
To love on.
To love on and on.

Do you have any personal favourite shots?

The shot of the burnt out landscape as we traveled across the States, something about the vacuous unrolling landscapes we crossed through on this journey from one gig to the next, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much land I could fit in my eyes, finding peace between all the moments of chaos.

The shot of Dominic on the stage floor playing his guitar with the cable around his neck. We were in Vancouver and that night I fell asleep rolled up in a ball on the sofa of the green room while everyone was partying hard around me. I woke up just before the guys went on stage and it was probably the wildest gig I have ever seen.

The shot of Brandon in the van after a gig, that night we listened to beautiful depressing music sharing headphones until we got to the next destination.

This shot that I took on my very last day, just before saying goodbye.

Where can we see more of your photos?

On my websiteand my Instagramand here to pre-order the book