Samuel Kerridge

There isn’t really anyone that sounds like Samuel Kerridge. A singular artist with a true and brutalist vision of club catharsis, his is a blend of bleakest atmosphere and exploded blast-beat weight that toils through acres of distortion till it reaches the floor. So far his music has found fitting homes in Karl O’Connor’s Downwards, James Ruskin’s Blueprint and the shadowy world of Horizontal Ground. Kerridge’s next move, inevitably, is to do things his own way. His 2nd album, Always Offended Never Ashamed will inaugurate his new label, Contort Records in early 2015. Named after the now-infamous parties he runs in Berlin with his wife Hayley, it promises electronic music from the very edge.

This exclusive mix for Crack sees Kerridge pull together droning swamps of noise, ten-tonne percussion and drowning seas of bass into just under an hour of relentless turbulence. Everything you’d expect from one of electronic musics most unclassifiable producers.

Samuel Kerridge plays the Crack Magazine stage at Bloc, 13th-15th March.