Fabrizio Mammarella

The Italian selector takes a left turn into the stranger reaches of his record collection

We’re delighted to share the latest Crack Mix courtesy of Fabrizio Mammarella: producer, DJ, label boss and all-round head of more than 15 years. As a producer he releases collaboratively with Lauer as Black Spuma, puts out left-field experimental bits as Telespazio and makes serrated disco under his own name. For this mix he dons his Telespacio cap and avoids non-stop 4/4 fare, though the intergalactic bleeps and squelchy funk definitely lend themselves to the dancefloor.

His other main concern is the label he runs with Franz Underwear, Slow Motion. The label is solely focussed on Italian producers and in championing the country’s continuing affiliation with wiggy electronics. Mamarella’s own most recent release, a collection of Front De Cadeaux edits, was released on Slow Motion earlier in the year.

His Crack Mix lives firmly in the outer reaches of Italo-inspired music. That means plenty of camp, celestial melodies, rubbery basslines galore and a peppering of bursts of light and breathy vocals. There’s a constant feeling of cloying heat to the tracks and, together with its skittish energy, the mix leaves you feeling pleasantly disorientated whatever the situation. Plenty to get stuck into.

Fabrizio Mammarella plays Floppy Disk at Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Berlin, 15 June