06 10

Day Wave Headcase / Hard to Read Fat Possum

Day Wave comes along with a double EP of highly infectious, tightly produced music that’s sure to reignite any love for such sounds that may have dwindled at the tail-end of one’s adolescence. The first half of Headcase / Hard To Read was released by the Californian artist last summer, now – seemingly unable to let go – they’ve been combined with a fresh batch under the banner of the 2016 release. Despite the time difference, the record is completely cohesive, using a palette of reverberating backing vocals flanked by shimmering guitars and often a driving drum beat that stays simple to allow for the twangy but hospitable lead vocals.

At times, it’s almost too cohesive; with the original driving tempo seemingly the only energy level Philips is willing to operate at. Having said this, it makes the finale, You, a majestic coming up for air.

Guitar riffs also start becoming all too familiar, but distinctions can be made between tracks when they have choruses like those on Deadbeat Girl and Total Zombie. When Philips is in full swing, songs like these are guaranteed fan favourites.

This is a perfect EP for entering the fray of popular music. It’s succinct, but only opens the gate by a small margin, leaving its fans wanting to pry open looking for more.