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We’d like to make this explicitly clear: we couldn’t stand HAIM long before they decided to commit indie suicide by buddying up to our beloved PM. Call it misadvice, or a lack of contextual knowledge from the three estate agent’s daughters from LA, but anyone who allows themselves to be that easily manipulated or takes so little interest in the world around them deserves everything they get. And that said, this entire act has been so meticulously managed that they became one of the most talked-about acts in the business without most people bothering to listen to a note of their stupid fucking music. We never stood a chance. And beneath the flawless manes (they’ve got really great hair, it’s miraculous), and the Top Shop faux-Boho schtick, they churn out insipidly obnoxious pop. Across Days Are Gone’s 11 tracks, vocals are invariably, unlovably forced, lyrics delivered with dead-eyed artificiality, and for all their harping on being a real, organic band, the whole drab thing sounds like it’s never seen an actual guitar. If there’s something to ‘get’, then we don’t get it. If this is actually it, this is what HAIM is, and HAIM sound like 2013, then we might all be even more fucked than we thought.


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Words: Geraint Davies