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Joey Fourr

It was a sad day for Tubelord’s cultish fanbase when the Kingston-based screechy math rockers announced they were calling it quits. But according to frontman Joe Prendergast, the band had gone off the boil some time before. “We played our farewell show on New Year’s Eve. But Tubelord, to me anyway, had been long dead before that gig”, he admits. The good news is that Prendergast’s new project is awesome. Under the Joey Fourr pseudonym, he’s making mushy but insanely catchy drum machine-powered indie pop, perfectly reflected in the wacky visuals of his low-res, technicolour videos. Merging aesthetics and sound is a key aspect of the project. “I released the first two Joey Fourr EPs as a zine with a download code scrawled on the back page” he tells us. And what artistic influences is he vibing off right now? “At the minute I’m really inspired by this ghetto-shimmer rap duo from London I saw the other week. They were wearing colourful weaves and had no shirts on, but they haven’t got a name yet”. With Joey Fourr now Prendergast’s chief priority, there’s intrigue around a full live realisation. “I’ve asked two friends who play in a band called Playlounge to play bass and drums. They’re probably the kindest people I’ve ever met and they can turn everything into thrash magic.”

Joey Fourr has also designed the middle page pull out poster in the new issue of Crack magazine.

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