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Mariachi El Bronx III ATO Records


This third entry in a series of self-titled albums sees LA punk rock outfit The Bronx and additional cast team up for a collection of songs that will instantly conjure up images of rolling, parched Mexican countryside. Mariachi El Bronx is an alter-ego that allows them to show another side of their character and cultural identity, one in which pent up aggression is stripped away and replaced by a symphony of brass-peppered songs rich in the Mariachi tradition.

By lassoing in a range of non-typical instrumentation Mariachi El Bronx ensure that there is space for the sound to grow within, and beyond, the traditional blueprint. With dashings of flavour generated by dusted off old sequencers and synths added to the sonic melee, they haven’t trapped themselves in stasis, but grabbed hold of the opportunity to push forward.

And as their third record under the name, putting them one behind The Bronx-proper, it’s important that MEB have continued to forge a strong identity beyond initial novelty. Right Between The Eyes sees them take a firm jab at melding lyrics that balance social commentary with internal reflection, while the quick-footed Raise The Dead speedballs through a cascade of intricate and nimble riffs. As winter sets in, III will add some heat to the cold evenings ahead. Mariachi El Bronx are here to stay.