News / / 31.10.12


METZ (Sub Pop)


Metz are three dudes from cold, cold Canada who share an affinity with bands as diverse as Melvins and The Men. Taking abrasive, chuggy textures, making them fast, and infecting it with as much fuzz and feedback as you’d ever really care to hear on what is essentially a punk record.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to stick your head in an ice lake, pull it out and immediately get slapped upside the face by a burly Canadian? Well you don’t have to because Metz have released a record which, when played at the correct volume (full), provides exactly the same feeling.

This self-titled debut is frantic and discordant, maintaining a repetitious pounding that harks to stoner rock but exudes about ten times as much energy. Knife in the Water begins with a near-minute of instrumental clanging and smashing before the vocals screech into the picture with the repeated desperation of the line “fall down/ fall down/fall down”. Sad Pricks sounds like Black Flag if they had recorded all their early jams on an oil rig without food or water for weeks and that, my friends, is radical on every fucking level imaginable. Nothing more needs to be said.


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Words: Billy Black