Nastia opens her record bag to share some musical moments that pulled her through the worst of it

Nastia is a Ukrainian DJ with a radio show (for her native KISS FM), label (Propaganda Records) and festival (Strichka) to her name. After another extremely successful year, Nastia continues her heavy touring schedule with a visit to Kappa Futur Festival on 9 + 10 July in Turin, Italy. Taking a second out of her busy schedule, the dub techno supremo picks out five tracks that have kept her going when things looked bleak.


Parks On Fire

This track is the first one that has popped into my head whilst compiling this list, it’s really personal to me. This track has a perfect story from the beginning, to development, culmination to the end. My husband sent it to me when our family broke up.


Time Is The Enemy

I was at a restaurant with my friend having a dinner in Budapest when this track started to play. From the first second of the track, I had to find out what the song was. It’s been 5 years since that time in the restaurant and I haven’t stopped listening to it. It makes me reminisce about past love, friendships, betrayal, my childhood, travelling and summertime. The video made by my close friend and was given to me on my last birthday.


My Lovely Button

This track was made by my friend who I used to live with. He is the master and I think he produces high quality drum and bass. The feeling he brings out on this track is magic, the instruments and melodies make me feel like I’m flying high above the earth. It’s a very atmospheric but sad track that totally fits to my soul. Every time I listen to it, I always think, “thank you, Alex for making this track.”

The Cinematic Orchestra

Man With A Movie Camera (full album + movie)

I would say The Cinematic Orchestra is my favourite band ever. Their music is stunning and amongst my favourites ever. Whenever I need to remind myself how life is beautiful – I put on this video which saved my life so many times. I can’t find the words to describe what I feel for it.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse

Was Bleibt

Rebellion der Träumer is one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life. I was lucky to come to Hamburg and see guys make the finishing touches to the album at their studio before the release. The whole album and the production process has incredibly inspired me and this is what I call absolute art inside of a crystal. It never leaves my playlist and it’s over an hour of different, pure emotion in 19 tracks. I love it.

Nastia plays Kappa Futur Festival on 9 + 10 July in Turin, Italy


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