02 10

Only Real Jerk At The End of The Line Virgin EMI


There’s something familiar about Only Real’s indie-flavoured, middle-class brat rap. You’d think this kind of thing wouldn’t stand a chance these days, but like a venereal disease that lies dormant, it occasionally resurfaces to humiliate us all. Jamie T started it, King Krule added a grating sincerity, 18+ put a health goth spin on it, and now Niall Galvin is ensuring that it buries itself alongside other confusingly popular trends like people calling coleslaw ‘slaw and the meteoric rise of UKIP.

OK, we’ll be honest, Galvin’s got a knack for coming up with some seriously catchy, summery guitar riffs, and there’s some pretty nice moments in the instrumentals here. So if you can look past the unfunny lyrics about chicken shops and the Wavey Garms Facebook page or whatever, then this album could be a genuinely good gift idea for your 16-year-old nephew.