Jenny Hval is one of our favourite artists.

We make no secret of that. Her recent album Apocalypse, Girl united our office in a sense of awe at the unique marriage of experimentalism and accessibility Hval had managed to render. We asked Jenny if she wouldn’t mind giving us a quick top 5 and she gave us her 5 favourite karaoke songs.

“As much as I’ve talked about karaoke, I don’t do karaoke, ever. I can’t actually go and do it as a social activity, I’m too awkward and self-conscious.” She told us, “I had a chance on tour, but I chose sleep. I just like watching karaoke videos (both the ones people make to sing along to, and of people singing) and thinking about karaoke in theory.”

Top song to sing for men according to

Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild

Thankfully this song only reminds me of my mother.

Most common song to sing in order to impress people at the karaoke machine in the mall (and then post on Youtube)

Eric Carmen (or Celine Dion) - All By Myself

Every second of every day, some karaoke singer is sweating somewhere in the world because he or she has just reached the chorus and realises, as the drums are pounding, that the register is too high.

Best song to sing at a late night pizza place in Spokane to make your tough buddies in their 40s cry (I saw this happen)

Gerry & The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone

Actually it might have been a different song, but the guy who sang it had a real moment and I just remember it as this song. Tears and melted cheese became one.

First song we included in our live set as a karaoke track, until we realised it has the worst lyrics of all time

Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart

The nights are so unkind.

Dream song to see in someone's live set as a karaoke track

TLC - Unpretty

So much better use of un-.

Apocalypse, Girl is out now via Sacred Bones Records and read our recent interview with Jenny Hval here.


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