Misty Miller tells us her top 5 stupid things that people say.

Misty Miller is not just another young British artist writing killer guitar pop. She’s also conscientious, funny and heartbreakingly honest. Her debut single Next To You was a thoroughly modern feminist anthem about the role of women in relationships while the more recent Happy is a brutally blunt ode to messy break-ups, sleeping with your ex’s mates and all the baggage that young love brings.

When we approached Misty for her selections she told us she’d love to call out the stupid things people say every day that just don’t make sense. So here, in her own words, Misty Miller calls bullshit on saying dumb stuff.

Grow A Pair

Testicles are probably the most fragile and delicate part of the human body. Whereas a vagina can take a pounding! Grow a pair of ovaries.


The clue is in the word per-cent.


Man Up

So to be a ‘man’ only consists of being callous and unsympathetic? This implies that women aren’t brave. As a man you shouldn’t be expected to be this warrior type figure when really we are all human. WOMAN UP!?

Like A Girl

Doing something ‘like a girl’ shouldn’t be an insult.

Rock Bottom

I don’t believe in such a thing as rock bottom. Life is an ongoing, transient thing. Its a bad way to look at a situation, and i think we only have this saying to define and understand it because those times in our life are often the hardest to accept.


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