Welcome to episode two of Staying In, your emotional zip-file of entertainment to see you through the weekend.

Summer is over and winter is coming and you’ve realised that going outside is horrible. Just horrible. Instead, read Michelle Obama’s rousing address, discover the unheard history of ~vaporwave~, check out David Bowie’s furniture, listen to Discodromo for 5 whole hours. Oh and keep Sunday night free for a depressing exposé into the dissolution of our control and the inevitable impending collapse of society as a whole! Stay safe. Stay in.



The Century of the Self filmmaker is back with his latest sweeping narrative of our strange modern world – claiming that we’ve simply retreated from the truth. Looking back over forty years of chaos and denial, HyperNormalisation looks to be a bleak summary of the unpredictable and paralysing state of affairs we find ourselves in. Injecting some dread into your Sunday. The film will premiere on BBC iPlayer at 9pm on Sunday 16 October.

Laid-Back Sessions: 5 Hour Special Extended Autumn 2016 Mix


The Discodromo duo’s Cocktail D’Amore events are known for being some of the wildest, most genuinely freeing parties in Berlin. Here’s one for the comedown – five hours of mellow goodness to piece you back together again.

Nicolas and Alfredo Jaar‘s intuitive alliance

Crack Magazine

Our current cover star Nicolas Jaar was probably born to create. His father, Alfredo Jaar, is a leading visual artist who has influenced his work from the word go. Francis Blagburn explores their intuitive, familial alliance. Read the piece here.

Larry Clark Interview

WTF Podcast With Marc Maron

Marc Maron’s WTF podcast is among the top tier of internet broadcasting and this 1hr40min interview with filmmaker and photographer Larry Clark is one of the most illuminating he’s done this year. Addiction, incarceration, Kids, youth and art all come up in the conversation. Listen to the full podcast here.

The Fantastical, Gender-Bending World of Crossplay, in Photos


Crossplaying, in basic terms, is the intersection of cross dressing and cosplay and it’s absolutely incredible. Broadly headed down to the recent New York Comic Con to meet male Princess Leia’s, a female Incredible Hulk and a host of other gender swapped characters. See the outstanding costume efforts here.

TRANSCRIPT: Michelle Obama's Speech On Donald Trump's Alleged Treatment Of Women


Michelle Obama really has been a shining light in this absolute shit show of an election. Her speech about Donald Trump’s lack of basic human decency is one of her most powerful moments to date, articulating the rage felt by so many of us following the campaign trail. Read the transcript in full here.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Vaporwave

Fredrik Knudsen

YouTuber Fredrik Knudsen shows a genuine curiosity for everyone’s favourite neon-lit post-internet non-ironic micro-genre. Tracing the rich history of Vaporwave with key players and memorable releases, this outsider perspective actually provides a sincere take on a perplexing arm of postmodernism. 3D shapes, sparkly aesthetics et al.

Bowie's personal collection of Memphis furniture


It will come as no surprise that David Bowie’s taste in furniture was absolutely impeccable. A keen eye and an unrestricted budget allowed him to curate one of the world’s most complete collections of postmodern design. Here Dezeen unpack his impressive, soon-to-be-auctioned, collection of pieces by Italian collective the Memphis group. Feast your eyes on the collectables here.


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