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Thomas Hirschhorn‘s between-world

Celebrated Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn has transformed the main exhibition space of the South London Gallery into a ruin, making engagement unavoidable

A Long Way Down:
Carsten Höller

Carsten Höller’s Decision features slides, roaming beds, and a pills that drop from the ceiling

Alex Frost
& Jim Geddes
find common ground

Two exhibitions are opening at either end of the 63 route. The first is a retrospective. The second is an outcome.

Bedwyr Williams: tearing through art’s facade

Sanctuary came in an unlikely place; tucked out of the way, apart from the hustle-and-bustle of the Giardini, was the Welsh Pavilion

Theaster Gates: Freedom Of Assembly

Theaster Gates is about reactivation.

Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard: of memory & mixtapes

The indie directors have pooled their experience into an engrossing visual mixtape

A sedative afternoon with Pipilotti Rist

A look at new exhibitions; Worry Will Vanish and Stay Stamina Stay

Discussing freedom from form with Ryan Gander

Fine tuning a unique aesthetic

Dinos Chapman:
20 years as Britart’s enfant terrible

On a grim day in Hastings we meet the friendly face of the void

United Visual Artists have made a habit of the extraordinary

We talk to the collective that sees space differently

The sparse meditative ritual of Marina Abramovic‘s 512 Hours

We succumb to the latest exhibition by the iconic performance artist

David Robilliard: A Modest Retrospective

An exploration of the late artist’s works

Martin Creed At The Hayward Gallery

The show is big. A serious retrospective, it spans the quarter century of Martin Creed’s career

Life on the outside: Andy Holden

Bumming cigarettes with one of British art’s young stars