In It For Life

In It For Life is Crack’s monthly round-up of extreme noise and heavy metal

Adam Oko

Adam Oko’s scope ranges from lo-fi, ambient soundscapes to warped, synth-driven struts that reference the utopian sounds of 80s Japanese electronic music

Aïsha Devi

Devi’s self-described “hi-fi shamanism” swings from a soft lull to vibrant explosions of colour and genre, stretching around avant-garde electronics

Monthly New Music Roundup

Listen to four emerging artists that are worth your time this month

Monthly New Music Roundup

Here’s the brand new artists we’ve had on repeat this month

Elf Kid

If you caught Novelist & The Square at any club or festival this summer, the chances are you heard Elf Kid’s signature track Golden Boy

Monthly New Music Roundup

We like new music around here. Here are four emerging artists we can’t stop listening to right now

Cisum The Painter

There’s an alchemic quality to Cisum’s music. Influences, afterthoughts and anxieties coming together in a process of synthesis. Listen to ’20’ now

Monthly New Music Roundup

Five artists we’ve been digging this month

Internet Songs of the Week

It’s the tenth edition of ISOTW and it’s only a bloody extravaganza of new music


Much like his peers Tessela, Hodge and Bruce, the music of Gramrcy breaks free of stylistic shackles, straddling a gloriously indefinable line


Baby-faced Norwegian beat-creator Erik Spanne (aka Drippin) experiments in the gaps between grime, trap, hip hop, dub, techno, garage… you get the picture

Internet Songs of The Week

Another week, another internet songs of the week

Monthly New Music Roundup

Here’s the five artists we’ve had on repeat this month.


Maximum Joy are the best post-punk band you may never have heard of

Internet Songs Of The Week

A collection of notable music from the last seven days of internet