Crack Magazine Diversity Policy

Following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020 and the movement which followed, we took some time to examine our approach to diverse hiring and how we use our platform to support people from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds.

Like many, we have been using this time to educate ourselves on racism and reflect on what we can do as a business founded by and predominantly run by cisgender white men.

We’re not proud of the fact that it’s taken a global moment like this to make us confront our role in upholding systemic structures of exclusion. We want to make sure that the changes we make are measurable and durable. Our goal, with the points outlined below, is to write this change into the fabric of our business – being realistic about what we can do in the short-term and making a long-term commitment which we can be held accountable for. Our hope is that these first steps and actionable plans will mean we engage regularly with these issues. A plan inspired by the current moment but designed to be long lasting.

Crack Magazine is an independent organisation which benefits both directly and indirectly from Black culture. From the artists we cover right through to the venues and spaces where our magazine can be found and our inextricable ties to club culture. We are looking forward to continuing to learn more, improve our practices and build meaningful relationships as guests in that culture.

  • We commit to all senior members of staff taking a diversity training course and make sure all other staff are trained and informed.
  • We are very aware of the make-up of our company. We commit to improving the diversity of the employees of Crack Industries Ltd. We commit to actively seeking out candidates from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds.
  • We commit to increasing our paid internship scheme to a living wage. This will be only eligible for people from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds to help open the door to an industry that is historically built in favour of white people.
  • We commit to an editorial focus on social and charitable initiatives moving forward with a designated area of our website, regular social media support and dedicated space in our weekly mailer. Email for more information on this.
  • We commit to supporting organisations and initiatives created for or by marginalised and underrepresented people by donating 5% of our profits for the tax year 20/21. This will be an ongoing yearly scheme and we will continue to assess where our donations could be applied. Email for more information on this.
  • When our print magazine returns, we commit to an ongoing free advertising campaign in support of community organisations and charitable initiatives led by people from marginalised and underrepresented backgrounds. For now, we are committing to free digital advertising for these causes. Email for more information on this.
  • We have begun formalising a system that offers free creative services to charities and community organisations. Email for more information on this.


Published Monday 8 June 2020