AIAIAI launch TMA-2 Modular headphone line

The makers of the popular TMA-1 line have unveiled their new series.

Following their TMA-1 headphone line, AIAIAI are launching “the world’s first modular headphone system.” Throughout the series, the drivers, earpads, headbands and cables are freely interchangeable, making the line entirely modular, with 360 different combinations possible. Coming in four designs, the line features an all-around headphone, a DJ preset, one studio preset and another tweaked studio preset in collaboration with hip-hop producer Young Guru.

“The Modular system creates the ultimate flexibility for our business and our customers as well as a more creative way of interacting with our products,” says cofounder of AIAIAI Frederik Jorgensen. “This adaptable, versatile approach to our headphones offers radical new opportunities for future product development, enabling us to expand the system to create better options for our users and the potential for further collaborations with our key artist and label partners.” [via Resident Advisor]

Presets and tailored artist configurations are available from €145 over at the AIAIAI website.