PJ Harvey documentary

“We didn’t have any rules”: Director Seamus Murphy on collaborating with PJ Harvey for A Dog Called Money

We sat down with the director and longtime PJ Harvey collaborator at the Berlinale to find out how ‘A Dog Called Money’ came into being

Homeshake Helium

Homeshake – Helium

The fourth studio album from Peter Sagar proves an impressive benchmark of what he’s capable of when he’s focused and sharp

Ghostface Killah and Czarface – Czarface Meets Ghostface

The superhuman rappers are back in action, trading blows over grubby beats and East Coast hip-hop

Chaka Khan Hello Happiness

Chaka Khan – Hello Happiness

The Queen of Funk returns with her first album in 12 years – but should we manage expectations

A love letter to mixtapes

A Love Letter to… Mixtapes

This Valentine’s Day, we pay homage to the dying art of the homemade mixtape


Aesthetic: Miink

In our styled Aesthetic feature, the west London artist speaks on blurring the lines between his music and visuals

Frank Amy Winehouse cover

Under Covers: The untold story behind Amy Winehouse’s vivacious Frank artwork

Photographer Charles Moriarty recalls how he and Amy Winehouse took to the streets of London and New York to capture the cover for her debut album Frank

AJ Tracey - 'AJ Tracey" artwork

AJ Tracey – AJ Tracey

The long-awaited debut from the west London rapper demonstrates how little genre matters when you’ve got an ear for melodies, samples and hooks

Jessica PrattQuiet Signs

On her third album, the LA musician encourages listeners to find more tangible meanings in the quieter moments around us