In photos: Freedom Day at Studio 9294’s E-BIRTH party

Studio 9294 19 July

Selections: 96 Back

UK producer and No Bounds Festival resident 96 Back provide us with a selection of contemplative dance music, wispy rhythms and abstract sound design

Darkside – Spiral

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington revive their Darkside project with an immersive, pleasure-seeking album

Scalping: Body Language

Scalping aren’t the first to harness the dual energies of basement ragers and noise, but they might be the most uncompromising

Emma-Jean Thackray: Everything will flow

When multi-instrumentalist and producer Emma-Jean Thackray contracted Covid-19, it threatened to derail her career. Instead, she recalibrated

Space Afrika: Foreground music

Ambient outliers Space Afrika create evocative, fragmented soundscapes that engage with a complex, difficult world. We meet them for Issue 121

Clairo – Sling

By tapping into an unexpected source of inspiration, Clairo’s sophomore album views life through the lens of parenthood

Rema vs. the world

The stars have aligned for the breakthrough Benin City hitmaker, but he’s busy dreaming of a whole other galaxy

Caroline Polachek on Bunny is a Rider and collaborating with Danny L Harle

Caroline Polachek is back with a new song. In the week of its release, we discuss studio sessions with Danny L Harle, lockdown creativity and the story behind her ‘Breathless’ cover