Tracing 10 years of Simple Things Festival’s visual world

Ahead of the Bristol festival’s much-anticipated return and decade anniversary celebrations we talk to some of the creatives behind Simple Things’ iconic visual identity, from photographers capturing the live moments on the ground to the designers steering its artistic evolution

Golden Hour: ML Buch

ML Buch doesn’t mind embracing well-worn clichés. On her second album, ‘Suntub’, the Danish composer leans into the universality of the natural world to create a work that radiates with humanity

Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington talks reconciling his creative fantasies with real life

In his own words, Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington recalls the personal turning point that allowed him to reconcile his creative fantasies with real life

Rising: H31R are pushing boundaries

Respectfully, H31R seem like a band who are in touch with their zodiac signs. “Oh, we’re both very into astrology,” laughs JWords, the beat-making half of the electronic hip-hop duo, from her New Jersey apartment.

Listen to a textural and experimental playlist from Nexcyia

Ahead of his debut album dropping next month, the London-based artist curates a playlist featuring Purelink, MIKE, Klein, James K and more

Jawnino is embracing the chaos

South London MC Jawnino’s low-slung rhymes and heady, experimental productions are pushing grime to thrilling new places

Slow Burn: Fabiana Palladino

Like her mentor Jai Paul, Fabiana Palladino is suspicious of the spotlight. But after years if honing her writing between gigs as a touring and session musician, the London artist is learning to enjoy the attention her gauzy, late-night pop is bringing.

A Manifesto of Menace: 20 years of Remy Ma’s explosive debut

Remy Ma’s explosive debut was an audacious introduction to an artist whose career has been a masterclass in longevity, charisma and nerve

Tracing Silent Servant’s Latin influences, a driving force of his sound

Alongside EBM, post-punk and techno, it was the drama of his cultural surroundings that made the late artist’s music so emotionally rich