Batu Butt Studio Void Dez

Batu and Butt Studio present their audiovisual collaboration Void Dez

Featuring a new track made exclusively for the video by the Timedance label head

No Signal Radio

No Signal represents culture as a whole”

The station’s meteoric rise is bringing Black communities together through independent radio. Co-founder David Sonubi tells their story

Curtis Waters

Curtis Waters: “I knew something was going to happen this year”

The TikTok star explains how he went from working in a smoothie bar in Cary, North Carolina, to one of the most-streamed artists of the year

How producer Nathan Micay composed the widescreen score for Industry

In 2016, Toronto producer Nathan Micay started quietly working on film music. Four years later, he’s scored one of the year’s biggest shows.

Club Quarantine is a place for people to seek comfort in times of isolation”

Co-founder Casey MQ explains how a group of friends carved out a digital space that became the queer community’s hottest new club

The Black Music Library

Jenzia Burgos: “Sirens became my block’s only song…”

The founder of the Black Music Library reflects on a summer where two deadly pandemics collided

Mr Eazi Zilo

Mr Eazi and Zilo on the power of community

The Nigerian superstar and London artist meet over Zoom after performing their first shows during the pandemic

Make way for Rico Nasty

The Maryland rapper exploded onto the scene with a shapeshifting that harnessed the rebellion promise of punk. As the world grows stranger, she remains in a lane of her own

IDLES: Loud and clear

As IDLES’ message of righteous rage continues to cut through the noise of 2020, Joe Talbot is listening carefully