Mat Dryhurst

Building an interdependent music scene: A list of resources by Mat Dryhurst

The digital artist compiles a list of books, writings and resources that analyse different ways to organise ourselves and the music industry

Avalon Emerson: Back Down to Earth

Avalon Emerson has spent the last six years building a reputation as one of the underground’s most electrifying producers and DJs. Now, she’s taking it a day at a time

How director Teeeezy C took Birmingham to Nairobi in the video for M1llionz’ Lagga

Go behind the scenes with UK rap’s go-to video director

Bedless Bones, Tallinn Music Week 2020 © Ake Heiman

Tallinn Music Week 2020: The Estonian event pulls off a physical festival amidst a global pandemic

Tallinn, Estonia 26 August

A Brief History of the Music Video

From Starman to APESHIT, Simran Hans chronicles the 50-year history of contemporary pop culture’s greatest format

Three years later: Khadija Saye, Grenfell and the art world’s problem with race

The art world is currently undergoing a painful reckoning with its own racism, as the absence of diversity in the sector is increasingly placed under scrutiny

Lucrecia Dalt © Camille Blake

The phantasmagoric poetics of Lucrecia Dalt

The Colombian sound artist and former geotechnical engineer’s interests lie beyond the physical world. We meet her for Issue 114

John Glacier © Udoma Janssen

John Glacier creates introspective music on her own terms

We talk style and sound with the enigmatic artist for Issue 114

Unknown T wants to be seen

Unknown T’s career was just taking off when it was unjustly derailed. Now, the east London rapper is looking forward