Saint Precious curates a playlist of tracks that make her “feel empowered and cared for”

To celebrate the release of her debut EP ‘The Resonance’, Saint Precious has put together a playlist of “music that sweeps me off my feet and back again” featuring serpentwithfeet, Arca, Björk, Cleo Sol and more

Listen to Alice Glass’ hype playlist

Ahead of this year’s Wide Awake Festival, Alice Glass curates a playlist featuring Shygirl, SOPHIE, Aqua, Babymetal and A. G. Cook

Tracing 10 years of Simple Things Festival’s visual world

Ahead of the Bristol festival’s much-anticipated return and decade anniversary celebrations we talk to some of the creatives behind Simple Things’ iconic visual identity, from photographers capturing the live moments on the ground to the designers steering its artistic evolution

Listen to a textural and experimental playlist from Nexcyia

Ahead of his debut album dropping next month, the London-based artist curates a playlist featuring Purelink, MIKE, Klein, James K and more

A Manifesto of Menace: 20 years of Remy Ma’s explosive debut

Remy Ma’s explosive debut was an audacious introduction to an artist whose career has been a masterclass in longevity, charisma and nerve

Canty curates a playlist of imagined B-movie “closing credits” music

Ahead of playing Simple Things Festival next month, Canty curates an atmospheric playlist featuring Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Daniel Johnston, Billie Holiday and more

Listen to a frenetic playlist of singeli and sinegli-inspired music from Duke

Expect synapse-scything sounds from Rian Treanor, MC Kono, DJ Dlaki and more, curated by the Tanzanian rhythm scientist

Cue Points: Paranoid London

Ahead of playing Simple Things Festival on 24 February, the tongue-in-cheek acid house duo talk through five key tracks in their repertoire

In Photos: BlockParty in Lagos

A few weeks back, Nigeria’s BlockParty brought the year to a close with a pair of packed-out events featuring a slew of national names. Plug Films captured the highlights from the two gatherings, take a look at the gallery

Transport to another dimension with SITA

Fresh from the release of her ‘GENERACIÓN XDISIS’ EP, the Spanish DJ, model, designer and stylist offers a peek into her OUTOPIA world, featuring Venetian Snares, Miss Bashful and more

Live from Lost Music Festival 2023: Listen to the mix series

Hit play on a handful of sets recorded at Italy’s Lost Music Festival last year, and bring a dose of sunshine to your speakers. Featuring DJ Python, Dinamarca, Virginia WWW, Alto Fuero and Reptilian Expo

A$AP Rocky’s stylish debut Long. Live. A$AP backed up the hype

Off the back of rapturous posse cut  ‘Fuckin’ Problems’ – a star vehicle of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ proportions – ‘Long. Live. A$AP’ dropped in early 2013 and shot to the top of the Billboard charts

Brad Stank curates an eclectic and free-flowing playlist

Featuring tracks by Cleo Soul, Jessica Pratt, Faye Webster, Alice Coltrane, Eddie Chacon and more

2023: The Year in Mixes

From club heat to introspective headphone moments via important expressions of protest – this is a look back at 2023 through 25 mixes

Zamilska curates a playlist of “music for open-minded people”

Ahead of playing ESNS 2024 in January, the Polish composer and producer has put together a playlist featuring Gabber Modus Operandi, Tzusing, Moor Mother and more

Thy Slaughter on medieval fantasy, Soft Rock and PC Music

The PC Music duo – aka EASYFUN and A. G. Cook – discuss the fantasy lore of the project, a decade of PC Music and album collaborations with Charli XCX, SOPHIE, Alaska Reid and more