WU LYF’s Go Tell Fire to the Mountain remains a relic of its time

The Manchester band rode a wave of mystique to a fleeting high. Ten years later, it remains their greatest achievement

20 Questions: Goat Girl

The south London band talk us through their book recommendations, annoying habits and favourite crisp flavours

Rising: For Those I Love

Dublin producer and songwriter David Balfe talks love, loss and the inspiration behind his emotionally-charged project, For Those I Love

Director Edem Wornoo is crafting nocturnal visions for British rap and beyond

Edem Wornoo was one of five recipients of Crack Magazine’s Three Minutes grant for rising directors


Anz: The Masterplan

Anz, our Issue 120 cover star, has risen to become one of the most compelling figures in club culture. As that world begins to open up again, she pauses to take it all in

Grey Day: crackaud.io x New Balance

In celebration of Grey Day, New Balance take over crackaud.io for an exclusive mix series. Featuring Sumuyya, Wheelman, Meme Gold, Lauren Ralph and cktrl

Big Tymers’ Hood Rich was a victory lap for Cash Money’s golden era

Big Tymers’ fourth studio album debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 – Cash Money’s first No. 1 LP – and was proof that they could still churn out hit after hit

Director Avesta Keshtmand unlocks vivid fantasies within human experience

One of five recipients of the Three Minutes grant, Keshtmand has just unveiled the stunning music video for Emma-Jean Thackray’s ‘Say Something’

Crack Mix 400

Archive mixes from clubs and nights around the world. Head inside for sets from rRoxymore, Total Freedom, Don Zilla, Ribeka, Call Super and more

20 Questions: Claud

The technicolor-haired Gen Z-sensation takes on this month’s 20 Questions

Supporters Week Event Programme

Sign up for a free 30 day trial now, and get exclusive access to talks with Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey, MikeQ, Bandcamp, Big Dada and loads more

With Let England Shake PJ Harvey confronted the political, marking a new era of cultural commentary in her work

10 years after its release, we reflect on the album that pushed PJ Harvey into a new cultural world

20 Questions: Flohio

The south Londoner shares her worst habits, signature dish and earliest childhood memory

Live From Earth are expanding in space

The Berlin music and fashion label are synonymous with a very contemporary concept of creativity: multidisciplinary, adaptable, co-operative

Tori Amos – Boys for Pele

Misunderstood upon its release, Boys for Pele is Tori Amos’ magnum opus

25 years on, we examine Tori Amos’ dark, uncompromising opus and how it came to be a cult classic

This new compilation collects audio fragments from London pirate radio history

London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984​​-​​1993, Vol. 1 is out now on Death Is Not The End. We speak to label founder Luke Owen