Rico Nasty © Michelle Helena Janssen

Rico Nasty: Nasty Girls

The NYC rapper broke through with a trio of high-octane rap personalities. We speak with the artist in a Berlin hotel on how the latest transformation is just doing her

In celebration of Drukqs, Aphex Twin’s most divisive and misunderstood statement

Slated upon its release, opinion has since softened on Aphex Twin’s 2001 opus. Oli Warwick explores why the album divided critics

Mark Fisher

K-punk, capitalist realism and acid communism

On the eve of the release of a new Mark Fisher anthology, we speak with Kode9, Simon Reynolds and more to find out why his ideas remain so pivotal

Crack Magazine x Aphex Twin

Throughout November, we will be delving in to the strange and beautiful world of Aphex Twin. Find everything in one place here

Weirdcore, Aphex Twin

Weirdcore: Enter the vortex

Weirdcore is the artist behind Aphex Twin’s twisted visuals. We meet the London-based project turning Richard D. James’ nightmarish visions into reality

Yxng Bane © Rio Romaine

Yxng Bane: Mask off

We meet the east London rapper leading a wave of Afrobeats-inflected music that’s sweeping the UK

Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin’s mask collapses

After years of feeding the mystery machine, Richard D. James is offering us more pieces of himself

Brockhampton © Damien Maloney

Brockhampton’s dreams came true

We went to LA to shoot Brockhampton, America’s strongest creative brotherhood

Photographer Bai Joiner captures the young surfers of Lagos

A characteristically sunny day on the beach on Tarkwa Bay, Lagos captured in this exclusive editorial

Alfie Kungu: Unearthing Creativity in the Motherland

Tracing the personal geography of Alfie Kungu, the Yorkshire-born painter whose vivid cultural motifs are shaped by his time in Kenya.

Charlotte Patmore: The View from the Window

Photographer Charlotte Patmore made a habit of setting off on the road to find picture perfect locations. Now, they are all around her.

Tom Furse: Slinking Across the States with The Horrors

Back in 2007, The Horrors were infamous for their cartoonish jet-black world. But touring North America that year with his gang of goths, bassist and composer Tom Furse found maturity.

Rene Matić: One For My Baby (And One More for the Road)

Visual artist Rene Matić pens a love letter to her wife and the journeys that parted them before bringing them closer together.

Bikini Kill Pussy Whipped

How Bikini Kill’s Pussy Whipped paved the way for a new feminist punk movement

Some 25 years since its release, Hannah Ewens reflects on the quintessential riot grrrl record

In Photos: Simple Things 2018

The Bristol festival took over its home city on 20 October. See how it played out via images featuring Helena Hauff, Tirzah, DJ Stingray, Giant Swan and more

Danny Nedelko: A Beautiful Immigrant

Danny Nedelko’s move to the UK was so successful that Bristol punks IDLES wrote a pro- immigration anthem about him. The Heavy Lungs frontman shares his story.