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GoldLink: For the DMV

The 24-year-old remains steadfast in his goal of putting the US capital on the map

Retrospective: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Neil Kulkarni examines how Curtis Jackson’s record-breaking LP gave rap an enduring boost of testosterone

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Commanding Hellfire with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

The Geordie psych-metal outfit have mastered a dark art

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Priests: Action Now

Katie Hawthorne speaks to the breakthrough band at the heart of a creative resistance

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Fever Ray: Bite Back

Since 2009’s debut LP, the freedoms Dreijer fiercely protects have come under threat. Following a period of queer exploration, the progressive glow of Fever Ray is brighter than ever

Retrospective: White Light/White Heat

Thomas Hobbs revisits the rock ‘n’ roll band’s sophomore 1968 release and finds it prompts mixed feelings in today’s context

Kiddy Smile: Time to Shine

In an Uber heading towards a Voguing ball, the Parisian DJ talks cultural appropriation and progressive politics

The Update: Coach K

From Gucci Mane to Migos, the veteran impresario has developed some of rap’s most vital acts – now, as he outlines his plans for his label, it seems he’s just getting started

In an increasingly bland world, Mark E Smith remained a stubborn, true original

Remembering one of music’s great one-offs, Mark E Smith, who died yesterday

How composer Jon Brion found the emotional core of Oscar favourite Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut is underpinned by a charming soundtrack composed by Jon Brion who we spoke to ahead of the film’s UK release

20 Questions: Yung Lean

Haunted hotels, acid trips and meatball recipes with the Swedish rapper

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Vic Mensa: Like a Rolling Stone

We caught up with the Chicago rapper in an East London studio to talk demons, fear and the intrinsic ties between love and freedom

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Penny Rimbaud: Freedom Fighting

Famous for co-founding the seminal punk band Crass, Penny Rimbaud now counters rage with serenity. Davy Reed spends a day with an icon

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Irwin Barbé captures the sensory experiences of raving in new book Mydriasis

The collaborative book freeze-frames the indescribable feeling of being deep in the dance – we speak to its editor

Read an exclusive extract from Rave On, a new book telling the story of global club culture

‘Rave On: Global Adventures in Electronic Dance Music’ is the new work by journalist Matthew Collin, author of ‘Altered State’

The Update: Terre Thaemlitz

The Comatonse label head discusses her latest project – a response to LGBT agendas increasingly revolving around themes of family and matrimony