Were the Noughties a Golden Era for Music Television?

Tom Watson traces the personalities, formats and mishaps of a transitional era in mainstream music broadcasting

© Cian Oba-Smith

Kojo Funds: King of Afroswing

With the wave of African diasporic music sweeping the UK, the genre-blending artist is putting numbers on the board

© Hollie Fernando

The Update: Hookworms

It’s been a turbulent time for the Leeds-based psych band. Davy Reed checks in with the vocalist and producer to trace the obstacles he’s overcome

© Harry Mitchell

Trevor Jackson: New Collection

Existing at the vanguard of audio and visual culture, we check in with the art director, DJ and label head in the midst of a creative streak

20 Questions: Big Shaq

We caught up with the UK’s hottest (except he’s not) MC to talk cartoons, cabbage and Celine Dion

The Way He Saw Things: Remembering the Emotional Charge of Lil Peep

Niloufar Haidari reflects on the life of Lil Peep who broke a lot of ground – and connected with many young people – in a short time

© Kasia Zacharko

Call Super: Restless Hours

The release of Arpo rounds off a banner year for the producer and DJ. We head to Neukolln to find out why he’s not ready to surrender his idealism just yet

Plotting the musical co-ordinates of Wes Anderson’s world

From the Bollywood soundtracks to the British Invasion, Lara C Cory provides a roadmap to Wes Anderson’s musical universes.

Visionist: Breaking the Identity Moulds

The electronic producer analyses the dualities of masculinity: from effeminacy, self-deprecation and self-love to validation

Retrospective: Spiceworld

Chal Ravens revisits the Spice Girls’ earth-conquering sophomore album as it hits its 20th anniversary

The Update: James Merry

Moths, orchids, kundalini… The artist and embroiderer offers a glimpse into the influences that have shaped Björk’s highly anticipated album

© Joshua Gordon

King Krule: The Ballad of the Space Cadet and the Deep Sea Diver

The last few years have been turbulent for Archy Marshall. In a pub garden in Peckham he meets with Joe Zadeh to make sense of it all

Read an exclusive extract from Wiley’s upcoming autobiography

Wiley discusses the punk foundations of grime in this snippet from his official autobiography.

How creative director Martin Falck built the visual world for Fever Ray’s first album in eight years

Martin Falck, a longtime collaborator with Karin Anderson, discusses the artwork, heavy metal and why the new video is fun, not disturbing

Selections: Kiasmos

Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen deliver an atmospheric list of cuts to show what sparks their minimal experimentations

Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign: Back to the Beach

The Californian crooner is polishing his raunchy lyrics with luxurious gloss