Sleater-Kinney: Come out fighting

Galvanised by our fractious political era, the pioneering feminist band bristle with renewed urgency. We meet with Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss to talk politics, love and the #MeToo movement

Retrospective: Christina Aguilera, Stripped

Christina Aguilera’s Stripped was a watershed moment in 21st century pop

17 years after its release, we explore how Xtina’s Stripped gave pop an injection of fighting spirit and unapologetic raunchiness

Manchester Girls © Dean Davies

Dean Davies’ new photo project, Manchester Girls, is a love letter to the north of England

We meet the image maker to talk northern identity, fashion and his upcoming photo book


Kano: Time will tell

Kano is a founding father of a British revolution, whose latest album is his defining work. But he’s not finished yet

Ross From Friends, CRSSD Festival 2019 © Vivian Yeung

6 artists at CRSSD Festival on the tracks they’ve been playing all summer

We caught up with Dr. Rubinstein, Ross From Friends, Anastasia Kristensen and more at the San Diego weekender

oli xl

Rising: Oli XL

There’s an air of mystery surrounding every aspect of Oli XL

Planningtorock is still breaking boundaries

Twenty years since they moved to Berlin to pursue music, Planningtorock’s craft is still evolving

Butch Meditations

Meditations… on pop’s butch icons

Historically erased by the mainstream, queer female masculinity is now being celebrated online and in music. It’s about time, says Gina Tonic

freddie gibbs

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib: A classic pairing

We invited Freddie Gibbs and Madlib to a well-stocked wine bar to discuss their new album, deconstruct their unique partnership and, of course, sample the wares

20 Questions: Lykke Li

Despite her current star status, Lykke Li doesn’t give too much away. We try to get to know her a little better in the month’s 20 Questions

Retrospective: William Basinski, Disintegration Loops

How William Basinski’s masterpiece, The Disintegration Loops, captured a world crumbling around us in slow motion

Over 15 years after its original release, we take a look at how the ambient recordings confronted ideas of death and cyclical change

climate strike

In Photos: Global Climate Strike, London

Highlights from the huge Climate Strike protest in London


The Click: Pixies

In his own words, Frank Black looks back at the transient spell that inspired him to form Pixies

(Sandy) Alex G: It’s a mood

He’s worked with Frank Ocean, attracted ardent fans and amassed a genre-defying body of work. Still, (Sandy) Alex G hasn’t got used to talking about his music. We catch up with the artist in London’s Granary Square

Biig Piig © Oscar Eckel

Biig Piig: Together, apart

After a nomadic upbringing in Ireland and Spain, Biig Piig found her home, and her sound, in south London

Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere is blurring the boundary between the artificial and the real

Be the first to watch the new video for the experimental producer’s latest single Sunk in Motion