Meditations on… jungle

The authors behind stream-of-consciousness novel Junglist examine rave culture’s potential to find hope amidst an ailing state

The musical ideas on Fishmans’ final album, 宇宙 日本 世田谷 (Uchū Nippon Setagaya), feel more relevant than ever

The cult Japanese group, beloved of Ryuichi Sakamoto, continue to beguile two decades after their split. Uchū Nippon Setagaya reveals why

Meditations on… the transformative power of representation in punk

Hanif Abdurraqib commemorates the New York band that held a mirror up to those longing to see themselves reflected on stage

Listen to a club-ready playlist from DJ Lag

Featuring Rudeboyz, Sinjin Hawke, Gina Jeanz and more

Director ZMARAKS searches for mayhem in the mundane

Breaking down the dreamlike chaos of MISOGI’s new video, created through our Three Minutes incubator


Meditations on… queercore

In the 80s and 90s, queercore provided a community for those disillusioned with punk and the gay mainstream alike. Daisy Jones celebrates a genre and subculture that was proudly unapologetic

Selections: Elder Island

A summer weather-themed playlist from the genre-weaving trio, featuring tracks from Nu Genea, Angel Olsen, porij and more

Vaccine Passports for clubs

Vaccine passports for clubs: “The government is looking for an easy scapegoat with the nightlife industry”

Double vaccination will be required for club entry in England from September. We take a look at the practicalities behind this, and how this could affect the nightlife industry

Selections: 96 Back

UK producer and No Bounds Festival resident 96 Back provide us with a selection of contemplative dance music, wispy rhythms and abstract sound design

Love Island 2021

808s and heartbreak: What happens when your song gets played on Love Island?

We talk to the show’s supervisors about how they source music for the soundtrack, and what this means for the artists involved

20 Questions: Mr. Mitch

The Gobstopper boss talks family, fades and formative club experiences in this month’s 20 Questions

The Click: Nile Rodgers

In his own words, Nile Rodgers reflects on the guidance of an old music tutor who helped him discover the beauty in commercial pop

WU LYF’s Go Tell Fire to the Mountain remains a relic of its time

The Manchester band rode a wave of mystique to a fleeting high. Ten years later, it remains their greatest achievement

20 Questions: Goat Girl

The south London band talk us through their book recommendations, annoying habits and favourite crisp flavours

Rising: For Those I Love

Dublin producer and songwriter David Balfe talks love, loss and the inspiration behind his emotionally-charged project, For Those I Love

Director Edem Wornoo is crafting nocturnal visions for British rap and beyond

Edem Wornoo was one of five recipients of Crack Magazine’s Three Minutes grant for rising directors