Meet HoodCelebrityy, the Bronx-based star with a fresh take on dancehall

Born in Jamaica and raised in the Bronx, HoodCelebrityy came up alongside Cardi B. Now she wants to make dancehall the biggest sound in the world

5 New Acts You Need to Know

Our cut-out-and-keep guide to the best new artists coming through

Shay Lia

5 New Acts You Need to Know

From deep soul to diasporic Cuban and Iranian sounds, here’s our five-point guide on emerging artists you need to get on your radar

Wayne Snow

5 New Acts You Need to Know

From cosmic funk to DIY bedroom tracks and indie bops, here’s our selection of the best new sounds coming through

5 New Acts You Need to Know

It’s our cut-out-and-keep guide to the best new acts breaking through

Giant Swan

Rising: Giant Swan

Meet the Bristol techno-not-techno act who channel chaos and tranquillity – and have little time for chin-strokers

Rising: Mafalda

The guiding force behind the You’re A Melody parties, we spotlight the Lisbon-London transplant who represents club culture’s newfound sense of freedom

5 New Acts You Need to Know

A round-up of the best new sounds from the periphery, featuring experimental ambience, distorted post-club sounds, jazz-infused hip-hop and serene, dancefloor music

Meet Yugen Blakrok: the underground rapper featured on the Black Panther soundtrack

She’s the Johannesburg rapper with a verse on Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Black Panther’ OST – but Yugen Blakrok isn’t abandoning the underground just yet

Five New Acts You Need to Know

From dank dub mutations to new strains of ambient, UK drill to experimental grime and floor-focused bangers, here’s February’s emerging artist cheat sheet

Enter the strangely comforting soundworlds of Kayla Painter

Meet the rising star of experimental music who crafts eerily beautiful soundscapes in response to our uncertain times

Five New Acts You Need to Know

From cinematic RnB to high-impact punk, global-minded club tracks to bedroom-borne quirkpop, here’s our five-point guide to who’s breaking through

Meet Buddy, the Compton singer-rapper making feel-good music for sunnier climes

Davy Reed meets the prodigious talent as he gears up to release his debut album, and finds him in a positive frame of mind

Five New Acts You Need to Know

From a new riff on Auto-Tuned Atlanta rap to ferocious guitar music out of Bristol, goofy house music to unconventional, evocative RnB, here’s our heads up on the new acts you need on your radar

Five New Acts You Need to Know

Featuring diasporic sounds from London, post-club miniatures, optimistic quirkpop and Yasiin Bey-approved hip-hop from Atlanta

Meet Smerz, the Norwegian duo making nocturnal music for dancefloor introverts

Moody, vulnerable and unknowable, Smerz create tracks that straddle the club and late-night home listening. Just don’t call them DIY