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We’ve spotlighted five artists on the come up.

From bedroom indie ballads to sultry R&B, dreamy electronics and 80s-tinged pop, revitalise your new music playlists with the acts below.

Better Person

Better Person

We wouldn’t blame you for immediately doing a double-take when you listen to Better Person – he is the spitting sound of George Michael, after all. Polish-born, Berlin-based musician Adam Byckowski has been quietly releasing 80s-tinged pop ballads that wouldn’t be out of place at a Euro dance club night. But that’s not to say his style of music doesn’t feel modern. Byckowski’s elegant, simple vocals paired with gliding synth lines and patient drums are tuned into the now, making it for a nostalgic-yet-future-facing listen.

George Michael / Porches




You might recognise Matty Tavares’ from his main gig playing the keys for experimental jazz wonder-group BADBADNOTGOOD, but he’s also got some chops of his own. After feeling the effects of touring with BBNG, he took some time out to write and self-produce his recently-released debut album, Déjàvu. The result is an intimate collection of neo-psychedelic songs about love, self-examination and everything in between. Start out with soothing single Clear and let the vibes wash over you.

Mild High Club / Good Morning


Stil Woozy

Still Woozy

Still Woozy’s music definitely lives up to its name. With each nebulously soulful, groove-laden track, it’s clear that Sven Gamsky lives in his own dream world. Trawling through flourishing electronic samples and galloping drum beats, his tunes sound comfortingly melancholic, asking for real human connection and distance in equal measure. If you’re into Homeshake’s woozy R&B or Cosmo Pyke’s jazzy bedroom pop, then this will be right up your street.

Homeshake / Cosmo Pyke




S4U sound like a rose-tinted dream. The London music and art collective, founded by Rosita Bonita and Prinz George, are making lo-fi, nostalgia-soaked R&B that twists and twirls with each listen. With fuzzy, broken beat production and smoky vocals, S4U perfected their sound on recent mixtape Heart 4 U – a sultry soundtrack for late, contemplative nights at home.

TLC / Janet Jackson


Squirrel Flower

Squirrel Flower

Growing up in a family of musicians, it’s no surprise that Ella Williams – who performs under the moniker Squirrel Flower – followed in her parents’ footsteps. She arrived in 2016 from Boston-via-Idaho with her debut single Midwestern Clay, which ruminates on the environment she grew up in. Ella Williams’ music sways tentatively between reflective bedroom ballads and crushing indie rock choruses, exploring the hard-to-navigate themes of intimacy, betrayal and love that we all have to deal with head-first when we’re growing up.

Mitski / Girlpool