Golden Hour: ML Buch

Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington talks reconciling his creative fantasies with real life

In his own words, Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington recalls the personal turning point that allowed him to reconcile his creative fantasies with real life

Rising: H31R are pushing boundaries

Respectfully, H31R seem like a band who are in touch with their zodiac signs. “Oh, we’re both very into astrology,” laughs JWords, the beat-making half of the electronic hip-hop duo, from her New Jersey apartment.

Jawnino is embracing the chaos

South London MC Jawnino’s low-slung rhymes and heady, experimental productions are pushing grime to thrilling new places

Slow Burn: Fabiana Palladino

Like her mentor Jai Paul, Fabiana Palladino is suspicious of the spotlight. But after years if honing her writing between gigs as a touring and session musician, the London artist is learning to enjoy the attention her gauzy, late-night pop is bringing.

Tracing Silent Servant’s Latin influences, a driving force of his sound

Alongside EBM, post-punk and techno, it was the drama of his cultural surroundings that made the late artist’s music so emotionally rich

Vegyn is exploring the subtle art of letting go

Vegyn’s transportive music resonates with a generation of listeners who are equally curious and overwhelmed. Ahead of his second album, the London producer connects with Emma Garland for our February issue

Olof Dreijer is shifting rhythms

As part of sibling duo The Knife, Olof Dreijer made daring, defiantly queer electronic music that broke into the pop mainstream. But as Dreijer’s creative practice has evolved, so has his perspective

Purelink: Together Is the New Alone

New York-based trio Purelink quietly won everyone over with one of the best ambient and dub techno albums of 2023. But, as ‘Signs’ demonstrated, their approach to music is anything but insular

Slowdive’s Neil Halstead on travel epiphanies and musical development

In his own words, the Slowdive singer and guitarist remembers a period of travelling that forced him to rethink his relationship to performance

M1onTheBeat is connecting forces

M1onTheBeat’s steely yet melodic productions have come to define an era of UK drill and seen him crowned a star in his own right. Now, the game-changing producer wants to pay it forward

Rising: SoFTT are serious about having fun

Trevor McFedries and Kablito, a.k.a. Karen Freire, are replicating the vibrancy of Miami’s wildly varied club landscape through their ostentatious blend of Eurodance, trance and pop. Here, the duo discuss emo, influences and having fun

Bar Italia: The Rest Is History

Intentionally or not, Bar Italia have cultivated an air of inscrutability with their approach to being a rock band that, depending on your POV, is standoffish, wry or just the right side of pretentious. As they bid the underground goodbye, the time is apt to find out who they really are

How composer James Jacob bottled the exhilaration and ugliness of the post-exam holiday in How to Have Sex

James Jacob explains how he gave shape to the reckless hedonism of youth – the sticky highs and anxious, disorientating lows – through the film’s unconventional soundtrack

Speakers Corner Quartet: “Sincerity reigns supreme”

This is Signing Off, our year-end series with the artists who defined 2023. Finally, we meet Speakers Corner Quartet, the experimental south London band fusing spoken word, jazz and hip-hop to deliver a message of kinship and resilience

2C Perrea: “We wanted to throw a party for the girls”

This is Signing Off, our year-end series with the artists who defined 2023. We meet 2C Perrea, the queer Latinx collective bringing the rapturous sounds of reggaeton to UK clubs