Into the woods with PJ Harvey

Jayda G and the power of connection

Jayda G’s effervescent disco-pop has always been a clarion call for coming together and finding shared moments of joy. Recently, though, it has become something more: a way for the producer and DJ to connect with her past

Reorganised fun: Big Dyke Energy are the party community dancing into a brighter future for festivals and queer spaces

Ahead of a jam-packed summer of raving, from a stop at London’s GALA to their first-ever festival, we catch up with BDE’s Elliott and Melo to discuss the story behind the party community

Experiments in the art of living: Don and Moki Cherry’s Organic Music

Ahead of Terraforma 2023, festival co-founder Ruggero Pietromarchi speaks with Blank Forms’ Lawrence Kumpf and Naima Karlsson about Don and Moki’s work and their Organic Music

Angel Bat Dawid on Bob Marley and owning her outsiderdom

In her own words, bandleader, clarinettist and activist Angel Bat Dawid talks musical rebels, experimentation and a love for Bob Marley for May’s The Click feature

Mandy, Indiana are chasing the unexpected

The Manchester-forged experimentalists harness visceral noise, cryptic vocals and dramatic flair to close the gap between band and crowd. We catch up with them ahead of their debut album, ‘I’ve Seen a Way’

Surusinghe’s thrilling club workouts are here to make you feel

Ahead of her latest EP – a hard-hitting tribute to the “melting pot of sounds” she’s found in UK clubs – DJ and producer Surusinghe dials in from the road for a chat about social media, exploring culture through music and her love for clubbing

Kara Jackson is embracing life in all its messy glory

The former US National Youth Poet Laureate turned folk truth-teller talks to Tara Joshi about grief, learning from her elders and her recent debut album for the May issue

Rising: Rarelyalways is inspired by the future

We caught up with the London artist following the release of his debut album, the aptly-titled ‘Work’

The Metamorphosis of Eartheater

World builder. Eartheater. The experimental provocateur, label head and fashion muse is readying her next phase the only way she knows how: devouring everything

Dominican experimental composer Kelman Duran selects five tracks, which inspired the score of Rodeo

The story of French dirtbikers unfolds with an immersive score shaped by Nipsey Hussle, Don Cherry and Iannis Xenakis

Rodeo director Lola Quivoron in conversation with Kelman Duran

French filmmaker Lola Quivoron and dembow experimentalist Kelman Duran discuss their synergistic collaboration and the seductive universe of ‘Rodeo’

Dark Entries’ Josh Cheon on the childhood dream that’s since become a life-affirming reality

This feature is part of The Click series, taken from our print magazine. A podcast version of The Click is available exclusively to Supporters

Rising: Wesley Joseph is learning to let go in real time

The Walsall-raised artist talks his carefree approach, earliest musical memories and the studio as a space for healing for April’s Rising feature

MC Yallah is doing things her way

For two decades, MC Yallah has set the bar for Ugandan hip-hop. With her latest album, the Kampala-based rapper and Nyege Nyege mainstay is raising it again

Blondshell is exactly where she needs to be

Taking notes from Courtney Love and Fiona Apple, singer-songwriter Blondshell is channelling disillusionment and self-discovery in her growing arsenal of rage-fuelled alt-rock anthems