Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy on live radio and its promise of connection

Sampa the Great: The Arrival

Zambian artist Sampa the Great found success journeying through cultures and sounds. Now, she’s tracing it all back to the source

Coby Sey: Passing Through

South London producer Coby Sey thrives in the liminal space where inner world meets concrete reality

Special Interest: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Uncompromising New Orleans punks Special Interest are laying waste to complacency. We meet them for Issue 135

Jamz Supernova and Tash LC on inclusivity, finding balance and self-care

Ahead of appearances at Repercussions Festival this Saturday at Manchester’s The Warehouse Project, we caught up with Jamz Supernova and Tash LC

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Kill or Cure

In the aughts, Yeah Yeah Yeahs were the chaos agents who upended sterile rock conventions. Two decades on, the storied New York band are still raising hell – and hoping for a revolution

Rising: Emir Taha is speaking to the soul

Meet Emir Taha, the Turkish artist blending alternative R&B and pop experimentalism with traditional folk music

In Photos: Tresor’s 31st anniversary celebrations

Alternative vision: Listen to an essential playlist from LA party crew Hood Rave

Hood Rave is the LA club night centring the city’s Black queer underground. Listen to a “ass-shaking” club playlist curated by founder Bae Bae, and read an interview with the promoter, producer and DJ

Sad Night Dynamite: Strange Brew

Somerset duo Sad Night Dynamite transform the mystical forces of their surroundings into a nocturnal hybrid of hip-hop, dub and psychedelia

Lous and the Yakuza is dreaming up her own boundaryless universe

Lous and the Yakuza builds worlds with her music. We connect with the Congolese-Rwandan artist for Issue 134’s Aesthetic feature

Key Glock: Moving Places

Key Glock was celebrating the release of his hit album, Yellow Tape 2, when he lost his cousin and mentor, Young Dolph. Now, he’s carrying the torch for Memphis rap

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Queer Bruk

Queer Bruk is the club night and platform bringing Afro-Caribbean music to the queer nightlife scene in London. Read an interview with founder Akeil Onwukwe-Adamson and listen to a Carnival-ready mix from Donnie Sunshine

Joy through storytelling: This is bklyn boihood

We hear from co-founder Ryann Holmes, who reflects on the project’s past, present and future. You can also tune into an exclusive party mix from DJ Elosi

Julia Jacklin is examining the desire to be understood

Julia Jacklin is no stranger to excavating the depths of the heart. For her latest album, the Australian singer-songwriter examines the human desire to be understood

HUNGAMA: The London party fusing Bollywood with queer club culture

We speak to Ryan Lanji, founder of London-based queer Bollywood club night HUNGAMA, who also shares an exclusive playlist curated alongside NAFS.Space’s Drew Demetry