Scalping: Body Language

Emma-Jean Thackray: Everything will flow

When multi-instrumentalist and producer Emma-Jean Thackray contracted Covid-19, it threatened to derail her career. Instead, she recalibrated

Space Afrika: Foreground music

Ambient outliers Space Afrika create evocative, fragmented soundscapes that engage with a complex, difficult world. We meet them for Issue 121

Rema vs. the world

The stars have aligned for the breakthrough Benin City hitmaker, but he’s busy dreaming of a whole other galaxy

Caroline Polachek on Bunny is a Rider and collaborating with Danny L Harle

Caroline Polachek is back with a new song. In the week of its release, we discuss studio sessions with Danny L Harle, lockdown creativity and the story behind her ‘Breathless’ cover

Lockdown FM: Gilles Peterson documents a year of pandemic broadcasting in his new book

Lockdown FM reflects on a year of lockdowns, major cultural events and the healing powers of music. We catch up with Peterson to discuss how the book came together

Anz: The Masterplan

In the most unusual of circumstances, Anz has risen to become one of the most compelling figures in club culture. As that world begins to open up again, she pauses to take it all in

Mannequin Pussy are still standing

Recent events could have spelled the end of the Philly punk band. Instead, they’ve dug deep into the very qualities that made them special in the first place: vulnerability and resilience

Imagining freedom: The protest music of Kashmir

Amid escalating tensions in the region, artists are using music to strengthen cultural identity and spread messages of hope

Tyler the Creator

How Tyler, the Creator builds worlds with director of photography Luis Pérez

Talking Russian hats, vintage cameras and peachy hues with one of Tyler’s closest collaborators

KMRU: Ways of hearing

Nairobi-born ambient artist KMRU uses sound to find a deeper understanding of the world around us

Calvin Klein SXWKS

SXWKS: Strength in numbers

SXWKS are the London collective creating the perfect conditions for collaboration

Niks Delanancy

Niks Delanancy on how Black Artist Database is changing the music industry

The B.A.D. co-founder talks about how a Google spreadsheet turned into the volunteer project Black Bandcamp, and how it’s now expanding

Glorious Bastards: A Berlin porn story

Twenty years after its release, the delirious techno soundtrack to cult porno Bonking Berlin Bastards is being issued for the first time. We speak to the creatives involved in the resurrection of a deranged landmark

No Home

No Home: The state of the nation

No Home’s DIY sound and sly humour gets to the rotten heart of this grey, unpleasant land. We meet with the artist to talk being British, work and exploitation

Tkay Maidza: Life in colour

Tkay Maidza’s path to success has been a long time in the making. We meet the 25-year-old singer and rapper for Issue 119