Ethel Cain: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Gigi Masin portrait shot, 2022

Gigi Masin on the simple sound that triggered a creative recalibration

The Venetian artist discusses synths, simplicity and improvised epiphanies in this month’s The Click

Fashion designer Tia Tanaka on flowers, Studio Ghibli and self-expression

We caught up with the designer behind the ‘Blooming Fuschia’ petal shirt, worn by Lous and the Yakuza in our Aesthetic shoot, to talk inspirations, advice for young designers and the process behind her work

Rising: New York rapper CLIP makes music for flexing through the tears

CLIP’s subtle bravado, paired with her candid lyricism, resonates with a younger generation that embraces life in all its contours. We catch up with the rising artist for Issue 138

Los Angeles artist Maral sat with her arms folded

Maral: Aural Histories

Los Angeles producer Maral draws from a rich vein of Persian folk, pop and classical to recast enduring sentiment in urgent new ways

Inside midwxst’s raucous London debut

The 19-year-old rapper touched down in London for a sold-out headline show, We sent photographers Sam Adjaye and Melodie Cherie down to capture the scenes.

Radical Imagination: Big Joanie in conversation with Corin Tucker

Upon the release of a new covers album celebrating 25 years of ‘Dig Me Out’, Big Joanie sat down with Corin Tucker for a conversation that revealed shared visions of a fairer world.

Persher: Unnatural Selection

As Persher, Blawan and Pariah cut and splice the DNA of hardcore and metal to let loose new extremes

Rising: Ruby Goon are looking back to move forward

Get to know Ruby Goon, the free-spirited group making psychedelic rock that’s as vibrant and colourful as it is full of heart

Sudan Archives: Destiny Fulfilled

As Sudan Archives, Brittney Parks brought the innovative instrumentation of East and West Africa to the experimental R&B world. Her latest reinvention, girl-next-door Britt, reveals the person behind the art

Benjamin Clementine on music as a tool for survival

In his own words, composer, musician and actor Benjamin Clementine discusses a life-shifting realisation, self-confidence and a period of homelessness during which music became a tool for survival

Postcards from the Underground: Miami’s Club Movement

A storm is brewing in Miami. A city best-known for art deco and hypercommercialism is getting shaken up by a new school of club experimentalists. We find out more about the Miami’s growing music community for Issue 136

Director Martine Syms in conversation with composer Colin Self: Music and Dialogue

A lifetime of crossed paths, musical collaborations and shared creative values recently culminated in director Martine Syms inviting musician Colin Self to score her latest film, The African Desperate.

“Music is a form of sci-fi, or a way to travel in time and space”: Caterina Barbieri and Félicia Atkinson on the transcendent power of music

The pair discuss sci-fi and Emily Dickinson, exploring non-linear notions of time through music and the power of nature

Isabella Lovestory: The Pleasure Principle

Isabella Lovestory’s rowdy reggaeton-pop transforms decades-old traditions into futuristic anthems for an online world

A1 x J1 on heavyweight co-signs, supporting up-and-comers and collaborating with icons

The rising British rappers talk their new New Era collab, what inspires them creatively and a year of ‘pinch-me’ moments