Nana Le Vrai: Future Shock

After years of gimmicks and algorithm-driven rap, a new wave of German hip-hop is coming – and Nana Le Vrai and his Bombaclart Bass crew are riding the crest.

Clairo: A Quiet Storm

On her latest album, ‘Charm’, the American musician, songwriter and vocalist is mining a deeper, inner well of interpersonal love and sonic confidence.

In Conversation: Sega Bodega and Aidan Zamiri

The creative collaborators discuss the visuals for Sega Bodega’s latest album ‘Dennis’, the value of long-term collaboration and how they almost crossed paths approaching Björk in a club in 2015.

Nsasi: Energy Source

Nsasi’s uncompromising club music is borne out of a necessity beyond simply making people dance – it is a beacon for shared worldviews, and a symbol of resilience.

Rising: Cruush

Merging sugary sweet melodies with surging, caustic noise, Manchester’s Cruush are abandoning overthinking in favour of artistic freedom and having a nice time, all the time.

The Click: Louis Carnell on clarity, connection and letting go of his alias

In his own words, Louis Carnell recalls the artistic freedom and control he discovered when he let go of his alias – and other people’s expectations.

Mabe Fratti is inventing her own sonic colour palette

Cellist Mabe Fratti channels perpetual confusion at the world into a playful, experimental sound world that promises to reshape Latin America’s avant garde.

Jasmine Myra: Let It Flow

With the expansive, meditative jazz of her new album ‘Rising’, Leeds-born saxophonist and bandleader Jasmine Myra is swimming against the current of the modern world.

Rising: Downtown Kayoto is finding power in vulnerability

On his forthcoming EP, ‘Thinking With My Ears’, Downtown Kayoto combines glossy touchstones with a raw-edged emo confessionalism as he wrestles with the aftermath of a breakup.

A stan’s guide to: Charli XCX

Our favourite artists according to their biggest fans.

Fontaines D.C.: Love Without Limits

On their fourth album ‘Romance’, Fontaines D.C. are shedding their image as literary post-punks in favour of fantasy, love and extremity that defies over-analysis.

Chicago post-punk purveyors Stuck are raging against our broken systems

Chicago’s purveyors of tightly wound post-punk are raging against our broken systems the only way they know how – through a mix of empathetic fury and fun.

Lee Gamble and Candela Capitán on creative collaboration and making Models

On their Sónar co-produced show ‘Models’, producer Lee Gamble and choreographer Candela Capitán explore the intersection of tech, sound design, dance and the body.

Curated by DAYTIMERS, Mehfil is the intergenerational space fostering connections away from the dancefloor

Inspired by traditional South Asian gatherings, Daytimers’ Mehfil event series forges connections beyond the club.

Clarissa Conelly is revelling in the unknown

On her dreamlike new album, ‘World of Work’, the Copenhagen-based musician meets the ever-present threat of death with serenity and grace.

Veeze: All gas, no breaks

Veeze’s dark humour and effortless flow have helped establish him as one of Detroit’s most original rappers. Now, he’s ready to take on the world beyond Michigan.