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For experimental metal band Liturgy, art is the most profound expression of humanity. On their latest album, they’re taking the conventions of faith, philosophy and composition to new extremes

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Rye Lane: Raine Allen-Miller in conversation with Vivian Oparah

Raine Allen-Miller’s debut feature, ‘Rye Lane’, follows a budding romance across one chaotic night in Peckham. Here, Allen-Miller and Rye Lane’s luminous lead, Vivian Oparah, discuss the rare magic of their shared home

Popcaan is setting the gold standard

Always positive. Always moving. Blockbuster hitmaker Popcaan has one objective – to keep pushing dancehall forward. For the March issue cover story, Tshepo Mokoena learns how

Kate NV is bridging the past and the future

Recorded in 2019, the latest album from Kate NV is a poignant, joy-filled memento of another, more optimistic time

Toumba is making music for himself

Part of a network of experimental artists based in Amman, Toumba marries UK rave with traditional Jordanian musical forms to create a sound without boundaries

Rising: Alina Labour is aligning her sound with her soul

For Dominican producer Alina Labour, music is an escape from the everyday chaos which surrounds her. She connects with Annie Parker for a discussion about My Bloody Valentine, her close-knit community, and life in Santo Domingo

They Hate Change sound like nobody else

For Issue 140, Dean Van Nguyen catches up with They Hate Change, the Tampa hip-hop duo who namecheck jungle classics, rap about X-Ray Spex and are steeped in the homegrown sounds of Florida

Jeff Mills on the classroom encounter that altered the course of his life

In his own words, techno trailblazer Jeff Mills thinks back to the start of his career, when a classroom encounter altered the course of his life

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Caroline Polachek is no stranger to drama. Guided by her breathtaking voice, the experimental pop artist has written operas, earned a Grammy nomination and even inspired a TikTok dance craze. Now, she’s ready for her next chapter

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Behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Duval Timothy’s limited edition hand-woven scarves and his trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone

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