From the club to the coffee shop: Crooks & Lovers and a coming of age for post-dubstep

A look back at an era-defining album with the musical minds behind it. This is a ‘Crooks & Lovers’ retrospective, with Mount Kimbie, Hotflush’s Paul Rose and more

Daydreaming with Dinamarca

Even as he drifts between dreamstates and dancefloors, Eurotrance and dembow, eclectic Chilean-Swedish DJ and producer Dinamarca only ever wants one thing: to make you whine your waist

Jam City is living 3 a.m. eternal

Jam City’s 2012 debut album rerouted UK club music, but a series of stylistic heel-turns and A-list collaborations defined the years that followed. Now, the producer is returning to his roots to celebrate the transcendent quality of a messy night out

Inside the world’s first MA in queer performance: An interview with Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

Talking London nightlife, the world’s first Queer Performance MA at Rose Bruford College and working across academia and performance art with Dr. Phoebe Patey-Ferguson

FWD>> x The Hydra: A mix series

Three days. Three mixes. One big link-up. Get stuck into our new series dedicated to the sounds of storied London club night FWD>>

Eddie Chacon on the midnight epiphany that spurred his return to the limelight

Soul luminary Eddie Chacon (once of early 90s duo, Charles & Eddie) discusses late-night epiphanies, his Rules of Life and staying on a forward-facing journey for this month’s The Click

Gal Wine: The Secret History of Sistermatic

In the mid-80s, Black lesbians in Britain were isolated – shut out from both white lesbian culture and Black women’s spaces. Sick of it all, two women took matters into their own hands and created a pioneering space for affirmation, refuge… and maximum fun

Liturgy want to invoke heaven through sound

For experimental metal band Liturgy, art is the most profound expression of humanity. On their latest album, they’re taking the conventions of faith, philosophy and composition to new extremes

Rising: Yushh is on a quest for something new

For this month’s Rising feature, the Bristol-based DJ, producer and Pressure Dome label head talks early inspirations, current goals and expressing vulnerability through music

Here’s what went down at Ken Carson’s sold-out London show

A visual diary from the Atlanta rapper’s packed-out gig at east London’s EartH

Woman, Life, Freedom: Nesa Azadikhah and AIDA on their new compilation, protest and raising awareness through music

An interview with the artists behind the charity compilation ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’

Rye Lane: Raine Allen-Miller in conversation with Vivian Oparah

Raine Allen-Miller’s debut feature, ‘Rye Lane’, follows a budding romance across one chaotic night in Peckham. Here, Allen-Miller and Rye Lane’s luminous lead, Vivian Oparah, discuss the rare magic of their shared home

Popcaan is setting the gold standard

Always positive. Always moving. Blockbuster hitmaker Popcaan has one objective – to keep pushing dancehall forward. For the March issue cover story, Tshepo Mokoena learns how

Kate NV is bridging the past and the future

Recorded in 2019, the latest album from Kate NV is a poignant, joy-filled memento of another, more optimistic time

Toumba is making music for himself

Part of a network of experimental artists based in Amman, Toumba marries UK rave with traditional Jordanian musical forms to create a sound without boundaries

Rising: Alina Labour is aligning her sound with her soul

For Dominican producer Alina Labour, music is an escape from the everyday chaos which surrounds her. She connects with Annie Parker for a discussion about My Bloody Valentine, her close-knit community, and life in Santo Domingo