Resonances: The personal story behind Ryuichi Sakamoto:Opus

Japanese director Neo Sora’s film of his father’s final concert is a profound examination of artistic curiosity and human resilience.

Chanel Beads is working through the mess

“I’m not interested in reflecting the current moment,” Shane Lavers says, from under a huge black hoodie. As Chanel Beads, he creates complex, melancholic music that intentionally resists being placed in time.

Scorched Earth Songs: Lord Spikeheart

Lord Spikeheart brought the world’s attention to the African metal underground as one half of DUMA. Now solo, the Nakuru-born provocateur is wielding the power of extreme music for positive ends

Mk.gee and late night drives: K-LONE’s Current Edit

From ambient sounds to textured club tracks, K-LONE checks in with a mix capturing his…

Seana Gavin on the fearlessness and freedom of the 90s free party movement

In her new exhibition, ‘Hidden Tracks: A Decade of Free Parties’, photographer and artist Seana Gavin documents 90s sound system culture and the communities that formed around it through photos, diary entries, flyers and ephemera

Flowdan: From this point onwards

Flowdan is a giant in the U.K. underground. As part of Roll Deep, he steered the influential grime crew to murkier places. Alongside The Bug, he pushed dub and dancehall to its limits with his uncompromising flows. In February, he became the first ever British MC to win a Grammy for Rumble – the Skrillex-featuring hit that shook dancefloors as much as it did TikTok. Where does the east Londoner go from here?

Desire Paths: Ganavya

Ganavya’s spiritual compositions have taken her from film scores and star collaborations to the stage of Sault’s headline-making live show. With new album ‘Like the Sky, I’ve Been Too Quiet’, the Tamil artist is discovering that it’s about the journey, not the destination

Rising: Manuka Honey is reconnecting with herself

In astrology, a Saturn return signals the crossing of a major threshold and the start of a new stage of life. For many, it can be a brutal period of change – as Marissa Malik knows all too well.

Deeper and Deeper: Funk Mineiro

Baile funk has become a proving ground for musical experimentation, with regional variants proliferating from the favelas it originated in to dancefloors the world over. Of these funk mineiro – a slower, darker strain from Belo Horizonte – is sending rumbles through the underground

Putting Down Roots: CCL

CCL’s mind-expanding DJ sets are defined by a deep, searching curiosity. It’s an approach that ricochets throughout their new project – an ambitious mixtape waving together the foundations of dubstep.

Adrianne Lenker has turned tenderness into an artform

Adrianne Lenker has turned tenderness into an artform. On her latest solo album, the completely analogue ‘Bright Future’, the Big Thief leader is moving through life with a heart wide open

Golden Hour: ML Buch

ML Buch doesn’t mind embracing well-worn clichés. On her second album, ‘Suntub’, the Danish composer leans into the universality of the natural world to create a work that radiates with humanity

Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington talks reconciling his creative fantasies with real life

In his own words, Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington recalls the personal turning point that allowed him to reconcile his creative fantasies with real life

Rising: H31R are pushing boundaries

Respectfully, H31R seem like a band who are in touch with their zodiac signs. “Oh, we’re both very into astrology,” laughs JWords, the beat-making half of the electronic hip-hop duo, from her New Jersey apartment.

Jawnino is embracing the chaos

South London MC Jawnino’s low-slung rhymes and heady, experimental productions are pushing grime to thrilling new places

Slow Burn: Fabiana Palladino

Like her mentor Jai Paul, Fabiana Palladino is suspicious of the spotlight. But after years if honing her writing between gigs as a touring and session musician, the London artist is learning to enjoy the attention her gauzy, late-night pop is bringing.