A journey through the many uses of the Roland 303 from bonafide acid fanatics Posthuman


Killekill’s Czech resident shows off the many sides to her style

Selections: Héctor Oaks

A collection of razor-sharp, modern techno from the Bassiani and Herrensauna resident

Freedom in jazz – Mixed by Leroy Burgess

Boogie and soul legend Leroy Burgess stitches together the finest jazz cuts


Pride and Guilty Pleasures – Mixed by Ms Lanji (Hungama)

The fashion and art curator behind Hungama selects an hour of Bollywood-inspired guilty pleasures

Basic Rhythm

A personal history of hardcore – Mixed by Basic Rhythm

One of dance music’s most diligent history scholars takes us on a personal journey across myriad strands of hardcore and beyond.

Turtle Bugg

One of the US’s premier diggers delivers an all-45s mix of psychedelic funk.

Mairo Nawaz live from Lente Kabinet 2019

Mairo Nawaz is a perfect fit for Lente Kabinet’s forward-facing mission. His set at the Crack 100 stage steered the vibe into darker, murkier waters. Feel the tempo and intensity climb with a mixture of squelchy acid and electro, rapid-fire techno and hardcore flourishes.

Fafi Abdel Nour

Fafi Abdel Nour live from Lente Kabinet 2019

Kicking off the Crack 100 stage at Lente Kabinet, Fafi Abdel Nour delved into his bag of joyous Italo and boogie for an irresistible set to get bodies moving. It’s hard not to picture the pandemonium.