Future essay

What’s next for the music industry?

We take a look at how recent technological innovations could nourish – or diminish – the joy of creating and consuming music

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10 Mixes You Need to Hear This Month

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D Double E talks us through Jackuum, track by track

To celebrate this milestone for a true British great, we asked D Double to break down each track of his long-awaited debut

Wiki, Appelsap 2018 © Mariana Carvalho

We asked artists at Appelsap Festival about their all-time favourite hip-hop records

Wiley, Amy Becker, Wiki, Tiffany Calver and more spoke about their most influential LPs at the one-day event in Amsterdam’s Flevopark

My Life as a Mixtape: Bodega

From teenage highs to adult despair, the art-punk guitarist and singer lays down the soundtrack of his turning points

9 Mixes You Need to Hear This Month

Nick Höppner unearths a UKG mix, Eartheater joins forces with PAN and Romanian outliers Khidja prove why they’re ones to watch in this month’s roundup of online mixes

Get to know 88rising, the US-based collective putting Asian creativity front and centre

We take a closer look at the main players in Sean Miyashiro’s ever-expanding creative family that’s ushering in a new era for hip-hop

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6 Books You Need to Read This Month

From punk memoirs to the grime takeover, here’s a selection of publications to get stuck into on your commute

UK Garage

UK Garage in 10 Tracks – By Sticky & Scott Garcia

Two titans from the genre’s scene select its most essential cuts