Book Club July 2019

6 books you need to read this month

From Lydia Lunch’s revenge fantasies on misogynists to fangirl culture


10 mixes you need to hear this month

DJ Fart In The Club, Scratchclart, Finn b2b India and plenty more make the cut for July’s mix round-up

crumb interview downtime

Downtime: Crumb

Brooklyn’s Crumb fill us in on their essential spare-time killers, from anime parasites to cave-based blood baths, this is not for the faint of heart

A listener’s guide to the world of Jim Jarmusch

Few directors use music like Jim Jarmusch. To celebrate the release of The Dead Don’t Die, we take a trip into his musical extended universe.

posthumous albums

10 posthumous albums that should have stayed locked in the vault

From Tupac to Kurt Cobain, these are the 10 wost posthumous albums

lente kabinet

Lyzza, Fafi Abdel Nour and Mairo Nawaz live from Crack 100’s Lente Kabinet stage

Listen back to mixes from three of our faves, recorded live at our Crack 100 Lente Kabinet takeover


10 mixes you need to hear this month

Rose Bonica, Solid Blake, Coco Bryce, Elsa Hewitt and more feature in our latest monthly round-up of mixes

Paula Temple Interview Downtime

Downtime: Paula Temple

Staying in this evening? The Noise Manifesto founder compiles a list of visual deep dives for your next night in

Meet the Creative Board behind Jägermeister’s new NIGHT EMBASSY in Berlin

This autumn will see the opening of the NIGHT EMBASSY in Berlin. A unique programme…